Thursday, September 06, 2007

Some Old Black People Need To Die Soon

Speaking of smug assholes. These older black people are getting out of control.

I saw this story about Eddie Griffin getting pulled off the stage for using the n-word, and I sent it by Eric at Ebony to ask him, "what the hell is up with you old black people? can you give us some room to breathe please?"

But Eric was like, "don't look at me, that's them. The real issue is why are they booking Eddie Griffin."

And he's totally right. How the hell do these guys book a comedian like Eddie Griffin, and then pull him off when he uses the n-word. Hello? That's like taking a shit, then grabbing it out of the toilet bowl and throwing it in the garbage because it stinks. WTF are you thinking old black people?!!? Is this going to happen to me when I get older? Do we get melanin deposits in our brain? This sucks!

Anygriffin, I don't even like Eddie all that much, especially if he's not doing that facial-tic thing he does. But I'm on his side with this one. F Them. Can these people not wake up and smell the revolution? We use the n-word. We also think about a lot of extra stuff when we sleep with white people. We got issues. Can we move on? Or at least can we be negro-inclusive about dealing with these things?

These old black heads done lost they mind y'all. I used to want to talk to old black people, to soak up some of that janitorial wisdom they're all blessed with, but now I'm staying away. I think old black ni**as are the new ni**as. And we might need to start burying they asses.

No, that's mean. You'll all be dead soon enough, so no need to expedite things. But can you at least keep all the n-word hysterics locked up in the senior center or something. You can bury the word "Bingo" while you're at it.

apologies in advance for the lack of respect for my elders.


Griffin Gets the Hook for Using N-Word


  1. hey now, be nice.

    eddie griffin should not have been booked. maybe they needed to do their research first on what type of entertainment they were selecting.

    but his overall act and jokes are too raunchy and degrading and even though i don't think they should have pulled him off, to quote Field Negro, he is a bit of a "walking minstrel show." geesh.

  2. Richard Pryor used the n word and nobody pulled him off the stage...


  3. Anonymous9/06/2007

    I guess it would be unpolite to point out that you refuse to use the same word?

  4. I don't like his stand-up act, but he was quite fun as the animated narrator of this P-Funk documentary.

  5. Every now and then someone has to be made out of an example. This time, unfortunately, it was Eddie Griffin. But best believe he is somewhere still using the N-word. With vengeance now.

  6. Anonymous9/07/2007

    lmao @ don

  7. Going to have to disagree with you TAN. Casual use of the N-word by blacks has opened the door to other races using it...and not in an "endearing" way.

    Granted, if the ol' heads don't like the N-word, they have no business hiring EG or Chris Rock...comedians whose whole routine is based on the word and funny expressions but someone needs to send a message that the word is NOT funny.

  8. Yeah, I'm with Stargazer. I'm not with the whole "we-use-the-N-Word-cuz-we-own-it/lessen-the-sting-somehow" argument. Everybody used the N word now. I live in a predominantly white blue-color to middle-class neighborhood, where the white kids greet each other "Yo, nigga,". But just the other day, one of them called a visiting black person a nigga, and all hell broke loose and somebody got stabbed and the black dude got arrested. We open ourselves up for things using that word, and it's stupid. How can we tell a white man don't call us nigga, when we call ourselves that? It's illogical.

    That being said... I think Eddie Griffin got used, and I don't think it's fair AT ALL. They should never have booked him. And I'm not even a fan of his... but right is right and wrong is wrong and that was wrong...

  9. Uh, wow, I didn't realize Eddie Griffin was still bookable, let alone funny!

  10. Anonymous9/12/2007

    "Nigger", "nigga", whatever you want to call it, is a poison to my ears. There's no way that you can take such a hate-filled word (representing lynching, slavery, and culture wrecking) and spin it into a poistive, expect no one else to say it, and if they do, you flip the fuck out (despite claiming that our saying it depowers it).

    As for booking Eddie, that was mistake #1 as homie hasn't given us a dose of the funny in 10 years. If ever.

  11. Anonymous9/15/2007

    These Negroes 'don los' dey cotton pickin' minds? Was this to get BE some publicity as the good Negroes or something? Why would they hire someone inappropriate for the event in the first place, boot him off the stage (what an embarrassment), only to get a pat on the back as the good Negro from other good Negroes?! Talk about a mob mentality. Classic victim turned abuser! It's a set up! If that's the case, burn the perms, jeri curl kits, bleaches and dies, acrylic nails. synthetic hair, booty pants, etc because it cultivates bad health and disrespect for self and others like your self. Then maybe we can use our money wisely and uplift ourselves. Too radical?

  12. This is not an old black people's thing, as there are young blacks who want to ban the use of nigger and bitch. I am one of the old blacks and I think that this entire campaign is a bunch of useless nigger shit. Imagine if France banned the use of cunt and fuck, half of the great French writers would be gone.

  13. (Not sure if this went through successfully)
    This type of behavior is why Jena Louisiana and other small southern towns see nothing wrong with hanging nooses and segragated towns and unfair justice. And why nooses started popping up on military bases and one right here in one of the world's busiest and most diverse airports in the ATL.

    The word means "ignorant" and was invented by the then majority race to describe us and that's exactly what some of my brethren are acting. So if you deem yourself ignorant, then by all means be a nigga.

  14. Anonymous4/10/2008

    My take on this...

    Nigger is a WORD, Just like Fuck, shit piss etc...

    Its like any other item in society that causes problems. A issue with EGO. you know that little voice in your head ?

    Ego invented religion, Ego causes every war every problem there is in the world. Religious nuts put a name to ego.. They call ego the DEVIL..

    Do some research on ego.. might open you minds up to reality.

    Btw.. Eddie Griffin can be funny but there is just so many times you can here a man say the word nigger before you start to tune him out. Gets old and repetitive.

    .. Cheers people

  15. I agree with many of the comments above, the the institution definitely made a mistake by not researching the comedian they were booking. As for the use of the n-word, I think that Jay-Z had an interesting view on it when he told Oprah that he used the word in his music in order to take the power from it, to almost give it no meaning. But then again, it is obvious from the reactions of black people when they are called the n-word that this word still has great harmful power. Jay-Z may have started the revolution, but there is still a ways to go before people stop being offended by it, or top using the work altogether.


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