Wednesday, September 05, 2007

You Got Lindy Hopped

Seems to me we should have a contemporary You Got Served style cinematic showcase of Lindy Hop. I was recently put on, and Lindy is def. hot and underappreciated. Maybe they can remake Hellzapoppin' with some of these young singin'-and-dancin' chickadees on the scene now. Regardless, with the urban dance competition stylings in need of a renaissance, there's surely an opportunity there to make a splash if you nail it right. For rilla:

And just like with the more traditional urban dance scenes we see now, I have really been impressed with the progress caucasians have made on the dance tip. Given a little time to get things tight, y'all can really hold it down:

I'd suggest a negro Swingers, with a couple guys who like Lindy more than the cornier anglo swing dancing. Then get The Gap involved so they can swing and miss on trying to sell more khakis with it:


  1. I do not joke when I say that I was thinking about this particular Gap Khakis commercial that aired the Summer going into Fall of 1998.


  2. You are truly twisted, lol.

  3. Anonymous9/05/2007

    I just think this activity needs safety gear of some sort.

  4. wow. lindy hopping is kinda cool. i would be scared i was going to break something though. lol.

    i'm with anonymous, i think they need some kind of ankle and head protection. it would NOT be pretty if someone busted their arse doing the lindy hop. lol.

  5. Anonymous9/08/2007

    Don't you readers get it..Swing's origin is definitely African which with improvement moved its way among Black folks during the Reconstruction era. And guess who needed to stake claim as they envied the moves. Years later it is only seen as a modern phenomenom.


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