Thursday, September 20, 2007


your boy TAN makes his debut on NPR today. The show is "Tell Me More" w/ Michel Martin. The segment is "The Barbershop."

We tape at 3PM, and I think it airs then as well, but I'm not positive on that.

We'll be talking OJ, Isiah and some other stuff....

And then afterwards I'm linking up with a caucasian friend of mine, and we're going to walk the streets calling girls b*tches to see if they notice a difference when I say it and when he says it. Then I have to steal some TAN memorabilia back from some blogger-heads ... etc. etc. But after all that, the kinda-sorta neglect of YOU, my loves, for the past week or two, will be over ... and there will be many mountains of words and musings to entertain and delight you. Or at the least, a terribly worded post or two, along with a hopeful return to a semi-normal schedule...


  1. I missed you -- the few sparse posts were killing me.

    I saw that clip by Isiah... found it REALLY interesting, cuz to me, it's a similar issue to the "N" word. Who can call who what and get away with it????

    I'm curious what your "research" will reveal...

  2. Anonymous9/20/2007

    Um, yay abusing women you don't know!

  3. Couldn't find the clip son


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