Monday, September 18, 2006

Are There Any Living Things That Do Not Have A Social Network?

Saw this via Gawk, a little blurb in the NY Times on Dogster and Catster.

Sent it to a friend who said she actually preferred hamsterster.

Who else is out there? Squirrelster, pigeonster, hoboster? Rapistster, homicidal maniacster, pedophilester? For my peeps, TANster, negroster, slavester? (black planet be damned!)

And even though friendster keeps telling my hotmail account they've done something new every five hours, I thought the "-ster" suffix was dead for social network sites. Isn't it dogSpace, rapistSpace, and hoboSpace?

I have many questions, I hope some of you have answers...

When Family Pets Network [NY Times, via Gawk]
Apparently The Rest Of Noah's Ark Networks Also [Hamsterster]


  1. So should I say I'm on blogster from now on? Or that I'm a googlester. I'm going -ster crazy.

  2. Aren't myspace and rapespace the same thing?

  3. Anonymous9/19/2006

    they already had NAPPPPster my nigga.. one


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