Sunday, September 17, 2006

NFL Roundup: Week 2

I get e-mails for picks and thoughts on games. I used to write for fantasy sports sites, and did some handicapping as well ... those who know me know I know my sports.

NFL has become notoriously difficult to predict. This season looks to be no different. But we will anyways. This week is going up a little late (an hour or so before kickoff), but we'll start getting one of these up every week. I hope.

disclosure: I am a die-hard New York Giants fan.


Oakland (+14) @ Baltimore -- I take Baltimore to cover here. Their defense is back, healthy and with a healthy chip on their shoulder. Oakland is not this bad, but with Gallery's injury adding to the insult of their collectivep erformance last week ... they're not showing up on the road this week. Raven domination will be a storyline in week 3.

Houston (+13 1/2) @ Indianopolis -- Indianopolis didn't play great in their week 1 win over the Giants. They will either be less of a team, where the loss of James hurts both the running game and the defense. Or they will adjust and improve as the season goes on. I'm betting on the latter. Indy will cover with a two touchdown victory.

Cleveland (+11) @ Cincinnati -- Bengals are supposed to take this in a route. I don't see it. Bengals have some guys banged up including Houshmanzedeh and LT Levi Jones. Right now, they've been getting a lot of slurping in the media, since Palmer has come back healthy. Browns should sucessfully lower the level of play. Bengals might win, but won't cover.

Buffalo (+7) @ Miami - Miami's a touchdown better than Buffalo at home. Period.

Detroit (+8) @ Chicago - Chicago looks for real. Detroit still looks fugazzi.
Chicago to cover.

Carolina (+2) @ Minnesota - The string of home team favoritism continues. Panthers are a different team without Steve Smith. He's supposed to be out again. Take Minnesota.

NY Giants (+3) @ Philadelphia - I think the Giants can go in and win. But I'm biased.

Tampa Bay (+5) @ Atlanta - Fairly evenly matched teams here. I'll take TB and the points on the road, just based on the law of averages.

New Orleans (-3) @ Green Bay - First road team to be favored, and it's the Saints of all teams. Everyone's down on Green Bay, but it's only been one game, and Favre can go from very bad to very good with the best of them. Ahman Green had a + game last week. We'll take the Pack and the points at home.


St. Louis (-3 1/2) @ San Francisco
- Another questionable road favorite here. Two teams trying to reshape their identities. I'll pensively take San Fran and the points.

Arizona (+7) @ Seattle - No Deion Branch for Seattle. Don't think their defense will matchup with Arizona, and they don't have the pass rush to knock around Kurt Warner. Take the points and potent offense in Arizona.

New England (-6 1/2) @ New York Jets - Jets come back to the reality of a pissed off Tom Brady. Pats will definitely win by a touchdown.

Tennessee (+11 1/2) @ San Diego - Eleven plus points seems a lot to be giving a newbie QB like Phillip Rivers. I don't think the Titans are a void. They'll be competitive. Take them and the points.

Kansas City (+10 1/2) @ Denver - Another game that seems like a lot of points for teams that are not disproportionately talented. Trent green is missing for KC, and the offensive line, once the hallmark of the team, is in transition. But with Plummer there's a way, .... for the other team. I'll take the points and that competitive division rivalry fire on the road.

Washington (+7) @ Dallas - Tempting to go with Redskins and the points on the road as I have been. But I think Cowboys will put it together for this one. They'll get the touchdown for the push, or a fieldgoal late to make it ten. 'Boys at home.

Pittsburgh (-3) @ Jacksonville - The Monday Night Football game sounds kind of boring. The defending champs are expected to take a tough game on the road. I believe in Jacksonville's developing WR corps. And Fred Taylor's healthy, and still a factor. I'll give them a tough win at home, and an early wakeup call for the champs. Jaguars.


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