Friday, September 22, 2006

Pink Is The New Brownstone

A Brooklyn homeowner has given his multimillion-dollar Park Slope brownstone a fresh coat of hot-pink paint - and that's got outraged neighbors seeing red.
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So some guy painted his brownstone pink. That's hot. Do your thing negro. I have hot-pink shorts.

The real story here is that this house was apparently inspiration for Gawker commenter Leon Freilich, who is contractually obligated to say everything on his mind in prose. He's now gotten plugs in the NY Times and the NY Daily News. Who said creative commenting on blogs couldn't get you anywhere in this world?

Back to the Fuchsia
[NY Daily News]
A Few Lines On Leon In The Times [ Gawker]


  1. I love the pinkstone. It's on my street!

  2. Anonymous9/22/2006

    My parents got sued by their neighbor because he wanted them to change the color of their powerbox to match his house- and because he thought there was too much reflection off their windows.

    It was Hawaii- they didn't have that much say over the sun-brightness issue.

  3. Ditto the first comment. I'm a fan of the pinkstone, too. :)

  4. I love the pink and I don't understand the idea of having an officiater of good taste. The complainers just need to shut the hell up.

  5. I nominate Leon for Poet Laureate. Right now. A B A B and AA BB, prefect rhyme structure, four line verse, GENIUS!
    Unless someone else is spitting mad Haiku, Leon is long overdue this notice.
    I'm sure this style of prose is more difficult because of the simplicity.
    A broklyn neighbor was qouted in the article
    "It's not my favorite color," added Thad Russell, 41, who lives two blocks away. "I guess it's nice to see diversity, but I'm glad there aren't more of them."
    Isn't that the nation's new immigration policy?

  6. damn. that is fugly as hell, but rock on. I guess.

  7. Pink shorts! Pink shorts! Pink shorts!!!!

  8. Anonymous9/26/2006

    If he rents it I wonder if he offers a discount, or makes you pay a premium.

    it usually pays to stand out


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