Friday, September 22, 2006

Caucasia Strikes Back, "We Use Nasty Washcloths Too!"

Well, the theory was white people don't use washcloths, and black folks do. But the caucasians have been sufficiently earnest enough in expressing that they, too, enjoy the scrubbing action of a nice, bacteria-laden, slimy washcloth.

Moreover PDaviddy burst my bubble in informing that Keef Keith is in fact a white Jewish guy who just happens to be very comfortable using the word "peeps." So I rescind the smack threat and just say, "CHALLAH!"

CSI is still on the case, but between this and mayo (see comments), it does seem the racial divide is closing. *cue music*

For the record, I used a washcloth until I entered "the program." But even out the womb, I have always enjoyed my sandwiches with mayonnaise.

Finally, I think the "soap bar is dirty" argument is absoutely ridiculous. But to end this on a right note, and show that you "what about the soap?" guys aren't alone, I'll end with a classic sketch from Chappelle's Show, Trading Spouses, where he touches on this very topic.


  1. I think the mayo issue definitely needs a follow-up post. We need to clear that up.

  2. I'm white, I can't stand mayo, and I like a good washcloth scrubbing, but my facial skin is so sensitive I often skip the washcloth. My Asian-American husband will reuse a washcloth (which he calls a facecloth) until it starts to fester and I toss it in the laundry. He oughta be grabbing a fresh washcloth each day, but it just doesn't occur to him.


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