Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NFL Pick Professional; Sex In October

Here's the tally on my picks from week 2 in the NFL:

TAN rocks: Baltimore, Chicago, Indy, Minnesota, NY Giants, San Francisco, New England, Dallas, Jacksonville, Kansas City

TAN flops: Tampa, Miami, Cleveland, Green Bay, Arizona, Tennessee

So we go 10-6. A solid professional performance. Word on the streets is, if you have no plan, you might as well go TAN.

Or give it up and focus on fantasizing about Jillian Barberie.

Week 3 picks will go up Thurs. or Fri.

In other news, I TOLD YOU the Mets were better than sex. Now they've clinched the division, and are setting up the rotation for October. Anything less than a World Series berth will be a disappointment. HOLLA!!

Week 2 Picks

Mets Are Better Than Sex


  1. Anonymous9/23/2006

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