Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Down At The Naked Cowboy Corral

I've mentioned before bumping into The Naked Cowboy laying tracks down at The Lab. Well yesterday, an interview he did with the AP was all over the place, promoting his upcoming album. Here's the pimp line:
"Every major record label is gonna compete to be the one to represent this project. Once again, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Naked Cowboy," boasted the Cowboy, calling success "guaranteed."
Word up son.

I'm amused by the fact that anyone you talk to at the studio working with him on his project says, "I can't believe I'm getting down with some Naked Cowboy." But he does have an interesting package (nullus) going on. He's a legit tourist attraction, so says Wiki. He's caking by playing the guitar in his underwear in Times Square. Now, having had access, I know his "little bit country, little bit rock-and-roll" music is a little more fratty-UES/Walmart than hip-downtown/any music venue in NYC, so you wonder about him taking off here, but he'll get slurped up anywhere west of NYC. And ultimately, NYC doesn't matter for him because he's already got it on lock down via his hot-like-fire crooning-in-his-drawers hustle.

And, um, I liked this quote also:
"Some of the tracks have eyebrow-raising titles, the most printable, perhaps, being "Get Your Ass Kicked by a Man in his Underwear."
Ha. I layed vocals (background ish) on that particular track last night. SH*t was hot son! I blazed it. Actually, wait a minute, ... this is the real money quote:
The Naked Cowboy predicted that _ not if, but _ "when" his album is a hit, he'll become "a multi-gazillionaire with castles in every major city
Jeah! Come on, I know y'all are trying to front on the god. But do not! CASTLES SON! IN EVERY MAJOR CITY!! You think it's a game!!!! He's got the jokes on lock as well. (can someone edit my usage of caps and exclamation points so that my narrative creates the appropriate dramatic progression and build-up, thx)

Anycowboy, developing story ...

Cowboy's Got The Music In Him [ washingtonpost.com]
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  1. You're good with the Cap Lock fam. Very appropos......lol!!!

  2. Anonymous9/12/2006

    The Naked Cowboy is from my hometown. Once I paid a quarter to feel his bicep at a TGI Friday's.

  3. Anonymous9/12/2006

    Cincinnati, Ohio... Tri-county TGI Friday's. I felt his "muscle" too. Woot.

  4. I can picture the recording studio intern being forced to Febreze the couch everytime the Cowboy gets off of it.

  5. He was recently on some major tv show too, can't remember which one, and had a cameo in that Oscar-worthy Olsen Twins vehicle, New York Minute.

  6. Cecilia Jamasmie4/04/2007

    Orato Editor, Heather Wallace, interviewed him recently and, trust me, you don’t want to miss what he told her. For example, he revealed that he was turned down by both Star Search and American Idol and he truly believes that he’ll watch generation after generation pass before his eyes: “Worst case scenario, I’ll live to be 500 years old,” he says.

    Read the full article here:

    “The Tao of the Naked Cowboy”


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