Friday, September 22, 2006

NFL Roundup: Week 3

We went 10-6 in Week 2. We might need that padding going into a tough Week 3. Disclosure: New York Giants fan


NY Jets (+6) @ Buffalo
- This is one of those you don't really want to watch. Should be fairly nasty. Makes it a tough call, I'll go with Buffalo to cover. But I'd prefer to stay away from it if possible.

Cincinnati (+1) @ Pittsburgh
- I was looking for the Bengals to have a "believing the hype" letdown in Cleveland. But on the road, with Pittsburgh coming off a tough loss to Jacksonville? Bengals are not going to 3-0. Steelers take this one.

Jacksonville (+7) @ Indianopolis
- Two 2-0 teams here. Indy stole one in NY, and then pooped on Houston last week. Jacksonville has won two games against tough competition at home. I think the health of Matt Jones plays a factor in this game. And if he's healthy I'll take the Jags and the points.

Tennessee (+11) @ Miami
- Titans look ridonkulous, but Miami is sorting stuff out also. They're not quite tuned up enough to be smacking teams by more than ten. Dolphins take the game, but Tennessee will stay in the ballpark. Take the points.

Washington (-4) @ Houston
- Everyone expects the Redskins to win big this game. Houston stinks. Portis should be back. But I think this could be a tough game on the road. That said, the Texans suffered some injuries on the O-line, and Greg Williams should feast. Washington should cover the 4 points.

Chicago (-4) @ Minnesota
- Another tough call here. Vikings have suffered some injuries to their defense, so I'm giving Chicago the edge here. But the game should be within a fieldgoal, so take Minnesota at home, plus points? Perfect.

Carolina (-3) @ Tampa Bay
- Once again, you need to consult the Steve Smith report. Panthers are banged up in other places also, and Smight, even if he plays, isn't likely to be in top form. It's anyone's game to win, but I'll call Tampa at home, and take the points to help.

Green Bay (+7) @ Detroit
- Detroit, a touchdown favorite? Smells fishy. People must think Brett Favre is about to die. This should be a competitive game at a low level of competition, Take the Pack on the road.

Baltimore (-7) @ Cleveland - Ravens should definitely win this game, but will they dominate. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed versus Charlie Frye and Reuben Droughns says YES! Ravens cruise to 3-0.

St. Louis (+3) @ Arizona
- Rams defense is revitalized as the offense regresses. And they might be without Orlando Pace. Arizona should get their offense back on track at home. "The Edge" goes to Arizona, Cards should cover at home.

NY Giants (+3 1/2) @ Seattle
- Seattle gets the nod in this game, but Shawn Alexander has missed a practice, and Deion Branch is still being integrated. Plus they're due for a loss. After playing the Colts and Eagles, Giants defense should be ready for Seahawks. Giants dominated play in their game last year, but lost due to missed field goals. Of course, I'm biased, but Giants should get a good win on the road in Seattle.

Philadelphia (-6 1/2) @ San Francisco
- Philly's goign to be pissed after giving away a 17-point lead at home to New York. 49ers get smashed. Take Philly all the way.

Denver (+7) @ New England - Shanahan announced Plummer will be the QB all year, but the Snake's confidence has already slithered away. Drafting Cutler sealed it, everyone knows the rhetoric about who will start means nothing. New England's still playing with a chip on their shoulder. They should dominate at home. Take the Pats.

Monday Night
Atlanta (-4) @ New Orleans - Bush vs. Vick on Monday Night. I expect New Orleans to be real pumped up, and Falcons are due for a letdown. Saints should at least keep it within a field goal, so an easy call with the points.


  1. Looks like you give the nod to both teams in this one TAN. What gives?

  2. Hehe. In the Seattle/Giants game that is!


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