Friday, October 06, 2006

Also, 95% Of Men Scratch Their Balls On Sunday

I was never a math person, but if over half of America confesses to re-gifting, doesn't that mean only 25% of the gifts in America are things people might actually want or use?

That's why for all my friends, family, and loved ones I give the gift that keeps on giving. A gift for the person who has everything...

One Year's Subscription To TAN.

Half Americans Admit To Re-Gifting


  1. that Chia Shrek is hilarious. there's probably only one on the planet and it just keeps getting regiffted

  2. Anonymous10/06/2006

    regifting is how the fuck i do my christmas shopping son.. i got all my 05 gifts ready to pop off to other motherfuckers for the motherfucking 06!

  3. People just have too much shit. And regifting happens because people want more shit but not the shit that they were given.

    Because it's crass to ask anyone but your parents or your spouse for cash or a specific gift, every year on my birthday I tell my friends not to give me anything (except swedish fish and turkish delight...mhhh swedish fish mhhh turkish delight) because I'd rather get nothing than something I didn't want and have to hold on to just long enough so the gift giver knows "I appreciated it" before it makes it's journey to the trash can or the charity bin. Too much frackin effort.

    Seriously, why can't people give me stuff I really need? Like gift certificates to the Gyno..."this certificate entitles the bearer to one free pap smear." Or to the dentist? This gift certificate entitles the bearer to one cleaning and two cavity fillings. No. Instead I get that damn singing bass, or ugly sweaters or god awful perfume.

  4. I regift. I can't help it. THe grandparents buy my kids too much shit even though I tell them not to... so I let them keep a few things that they really like, and use the rest to give away at birthday parties for the whole year.

    Rarely do I regift things given to me personally... that's what Ebay is for!


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