Thursday, October 05, 2006

Paper Of Record Makes It Official: 110th St. New Mason-Dixon Line

Veteran New Yorkers have long known about the unofficial "Mason-Dixon line" at 96th St. on the east side (on the west side, aka Columbiaville, the cutoff comes around 125th).

But with so many in New York tapping into their inner-Jefferson and "moving on up," the more observant have wondered if perhaps the Mason-Dixon needed to be moved up to accomodate these pioneering frontiersman (and women). And if it is being moved up, how far north do we venture? 103rd is the next train stop. 106th is the next street that goes all the way across the park. 110th street covers everything, but that might be cutting it a little close.

Well when in doubt on matters of preeminent cultural significance, we grab the nearest NY Times fashion & style section, and it looks like they have an answer for us today:
To the city below 110th Street, Harlem is simultaneously unrefined and a daringly sophisticated community, stretching the boundaries of humanity and culture in a way that few other American neighborhoods do.
And with a couple commas, letters, and words, history is made. Refined unsophisticates now allowed to brave the SpaHamazon Jungle as far up as 109th Street (110th is actually just a neutral buffer zone.). Should you get hungry, there's a White Castle on 103rd and 1st Avenue. Good luck.

The Gentrification Train To Harlem Still On Schedule, Next Stop 116th Street [NY Times]

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  1. there putting a Target in east harlem around the 120's i think in 2008. I suspect whitey will soon follow cause we love Target.


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