Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let Them Eat Bling

What the six-million-dollar man cops for his boo on their wedding day.

Later that night she might take off the fantasy bra.

Not even sexin' yet and you're down $32,500,000. That's gotta be some BLAZING coochie-fritos for that sort of investment. Hot sauce, all of that. (disclosure: I'm not that big on hot sauce)

Way To Use That Money

laundry bag bling


  1. I would totally eat diamond-studded cake. I doubt it would cause indigestion, as the diamonds would pass through the body unchanged. And then? Sparkly! Way better than peanuts or corn, frankly.

  2. mermaidintherudder10/18/2006

    I'm holding out for the celebrity inspired Benevolence Bra http://www.emsah.uq.edu.au/conferences/benevolence-2003/
    For every Benevolence bra purchased they send an individually wrapped cough drop to a starving nation.


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