Saturday, October 07, 2006

NFL Picks: Week 5

18-12 so far. Week 5 coming up.

Tennessee (+19) @ Indianopolis
- I refuse to accept the Titans as the doormat of the league. Not with the man who will put an end to affirmative action Art Shell and the Oakland Raiders still alive and fumbling. Colts win, obviously, but don't cover the three touchdowns.

Washington (+5) @ New York Giants - I'm a Giants fan. But I think they should be setup for a win here. At home, coming off ab ad loss before the bye. Redskins coming off a crazy win against Jacksonville. The game should be close, but Manning and Co. should win by a TD. I'd also bet on Lavar Arrington eating somebody.

Detroit (+7) @ Minnesota - Detroit is still winless, which is not a surprise since they are also talentless. Vikings should be hungry enough to cover at 2-2, take them in the dome.

Tampa Bay (+7) @ New Orleans - New Orleans is a good team. They should continue to get better as they find their identity. But with the Bucs winless, and the Saints with only one loss, this is an easy regression-to-the-mean game. Bucs have to get a win, Saints have to get an L. So taking the Bucs and the points is an easy call here.

St. Louis (-3) @ Green Bay - Brett Favre has officially transcended QB evaluation. You can't say he's bad, he's Brett Favre, going to Canton. But is he good? Can't say that either. We're going to go with a Favre renaissance this week, and say he wins or loses a heartbreaker. Go Pack.

Miami (+10) @ New England - Miami's in trouble. But the Pats aren't the same team. Miami can stay within double digits, and if not the Pats won't be able to run it up. Either way take the fish and the points.

Buffalo (+10) @ Chicago - Chicago's the current king of the NFC. And they match up very well against Buffalo's offense. A team of cardboard cutouts matches up well with Buffalo's offense also. I have a feeling the Bills keep it close though, if only through a reality-check game for Grossman who has to be playing over his head. I'm playing the parity angle here and taking Buffalo and points.

Cleveland (+8) @ Carolina - Carolina's got Mr. Smith back, so they are a team again. Cleveland Browns are the team you get when you show up late for your fantasy draft. Carolina covers.

New York Jets (+8) @ Jacksonville - Jacksonville will be peeved after giving one up against the Redskins. I refuse to believe the Jets are any good. But I think they can keep it tight. No Matt Jones for the Jags, so I'll take the Jets and points.

Kansas City (-3 1/2) @ Arizona - The Leinart era begins. Chiefs play defense a little now, but no longer have offense. I'll take the kid and the Cardinals at home.

Oakland (+3 1/2) @ San Francisco - Oakland is a black hole. Word is Randy Moss, Aaron Brooks, and Jerry Porter, are looking for a fourth so they can play some Spades on the sideline. At least San Francisco has sunshine. Maybe they can cover as well.

Dallas (+2 1/2) @ Philadelphia - Big game. I think Philly's the better team. I haven't seen the 'Boys yet. I'll take Philly to cover, and I also bet someone tries to hit T.O. real hard.

Pittsburgh (+3 1/2) @ San Diego - Steelers D should really be primed to get this team back on track. I'm still looking at Rivers with squinty eyes. I look for the Steelers to get this one on the road.

Baltimore (+4) @ Denver - Monday Night. Definitely not the same. Baltimore's undefeated, they have a QB. Denver has one also, but his name is Jake Plummer. Should be a tight game, but I'm surprised the Ravens aren't favored. So I'll take Ray Lew and the points.

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