Tuesday, October 17, 2006

From The TAN Inbox: The Next Big Thing

The Year in TAN, Review of Black.White., and other delicious items soon come. But it's a hectic beginning of the week, so for now we just take a direct feed from my always-entertaining inbox:
From: Friend Of TAN (FOT)
Sometimes I pass gas in the office. And it is unbelievable. Like just now. I wonder if [office coworker] can smell it. I think someone should start a website where you can post secret questions like this that you'd maybe want to ask a person and then the website could send an anonymous e-mail to the person posing the questions.
So I could post my query and then [office coworker] email. Then they would e-mail [office coworker] "Does your cubical neighbor pass gas that bothers you?" and then I would log back on for the answer. What do you think? We could call it secrets revealed.com. Our e-mail could be secretsrevealed@gmail.com.
Tagline could be "Answers to all the questions your too afraid to ask..." Don't tell anyone about this. This is top secret. And if next week I see a site doing this you will be held liable.
I don't know if this is the next big thing, but in answer to the question of if your coworker smells it. YES. And on their behalf we request you go to the bathroom when you need to vent your fiery furnace of flatus.


  1. Anonymous10/17/2006

    that is a great idea. I am going to start a website like that...

  2. mermaidintherudder10/17/2006

    You talk about farting a lot.
    Maybe more than baseball.
    Not complainin'
    just sayin'

  3. Anonymous10/17/2006

    One way to decrease flatus is to avoid chewing gum. Gum makes you swallow more air.

  4. So I clicked on revealed.com and its homepage offered the following: Lossing weight. (I thought it might be "Flossing," and goodness knows I could use more of that: my girlfriend, Dawn, is quite the prude.)

    So I clicked over, and sure enough, this "lossing weight" thing turned out to be one of the main sections of the whole site. NutriSystem and Jenny Craig were mentioned, among others.

    AnyNoam, back to the salt mine...


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