Thursday, October 12, 2006

'The Gay Science' Clubs, Now With Extra Gay And Zero Science

The NY Sun does a little profile on some philosophy fan clubs, some of whom are celebrating the birthday of your father and mine, Friedrich Nietzsche, this Friday. I'm all aboard on Train Zarathustra, and as a blogger I know it is my duty to party like it's year 1999 in the Eternal Recurrence. But even the most depressed of existentialists has to chuckle at the "rock on" language in this party invitation:
"In the spirit of an ancient symposium," the Nietzsche Circle announcement reads, "imbibe the spirits of Dionysus and the food of Epicurus and engage in discourse on Nietzsche's philosophy in honor of his birth, accompanied by the dangerous music of the flute."
So I guess when Nietzsche said, "The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously!" he meant you should have a hot flute soundtrack bumping in your ipod or in the background somewhere. Proceed accordingly.

These Fan Clubs Are For Deep Thinkers
(thanks AliZ)


  1. Oh TAN, I loved this post, I was just giggling away. I feel so much smarter just reading about these philosophy groups. The flute? Here I am listening to Gille De Kid, feeling all angst, what a newbie I am. (actually, I shouldn't laugh too hard, I've been part of an online book club for ten I am super nerdy...and its a book club about an often Nietzschean themed writer-Cormac McCarthy) ONe thing I remember from the book "Will To Power"is he says a woman who is well dressed never feels the cold. Now thems words to live by....

    Happy Birthday Fred,

  2. god is dead

    nietzsche is dead

  3. my main man TAN, peep game on this satire i wrote for DallasPenn....


  4. rd - url is cut off ... yo ucan send it via e if you want. or link it.


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