Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Where's Global Warming When You Need It

The aptly named Joe Bastardi, the long-term weather forecaster for accuweather.com predicts:
the winter in the Northeast and Midwest is expected to begin mild before turning significantly colder in January and February as cold air pours down from Canada. Overall, New York City and Boston are expected to average slightly below normal for the three-month winter period of December through February. The winter along the East Coast and Gulf Coast will be marked by stormy weather, because of the pattern created by the El Niño that formed this summer and was identified by Bastardi in the late spring.
Preliminary Winter Outlook [accuweather]


  1. I believe it's the overall global warming of the ocean waters that causes El Niño to form, thereby crapping all over your winter. More global warming -> more cold winters for you.

  2. damn you and your cursed logic Orange.


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