Monday, October 02, 2006

This Week On TAN ...

I think I'm going to start previewing content for the week on Sunday or Monday. This will keep me focused on a few things for each week, instead of my mind drifting everywhichway as is the norm. It also gives me a post when I don't have said content prepared for Sun. or Mon.

Things might be added along the way, but here are the main entrees on tap this week:

The Quest For Conflict - scoreboard dating, direct termination vs. the slow fade, time as the erosion of false truths (what?!!?) — all [linkable] parts of our quest for conflict.

Serial Monogamist/Dater's Head Explodes From Suppressed Flatus - It's tough having to hold in that gas all the time isn't it? This man pays the price, but lives to tell about it.

The Year In TAN - I passed my one-year anniversary recently, and it's been an interesting journey. In the past year+ I've gone from panhandling on the streets of New York, to panhandling on the streets of New York AND having a blog. Craaaaazy.

Black. White. DVD Review - I was sent the DVD of this reality show to check out. I've seen the first couple episodes and it's providing plenty of fodder. Though analysis will likely have to wait until next week if I end up in the mix for this (and hollas go out to pumpkinhead et al. who mentioned my name in the comment boxes)

Of course sex in October begins this week, courtesy of the MLB playoffs, so we'll certainly have something to say about that.

And with the Giants back on schedule, NFL picks will resume for Week 5.

You may now exhale.

(and CHALLAH! to all my YK peeps out there)


  1. Anonymous10/02/2006

    Hope you get the gawker gig TAN.

  2. I don't know what scoreboard dating is... and I think frustrated daters should learn to love the hand they write with (otherwise it feels weird).

    Congrats on your Bloggiversary...

    I haven't seen that black/white reality show, but I an't wait to hear what your take on it is.

    Are you implying that baseball players cheat on their women? I would say "Shame On You" but thanks to my undisclosed child support arrangement, all I can say about baseball is "Hey batter, batter, SWING, batter!

  3. Never in my life have I farted in the face of any person that I loved. but I'm not holding gas in either. I have a reputation for being a thoughtful hostess because I am up getting drinks or cooking for people. I'm just up to fart in another room. If I always go to the bathroom they'll think I'm bulimic or using coke.
    Maybe if the dog is close by I'll let one or two...
    no. Never.
    I have farted in peoples' faces tho'. Cruise ship seniors. In other stewards stations. As a joke.

  4. I think face-farting is genetically linked to the Y chromosome. My 6-year-old boy thinks it's hilarious, which it is not, on account of the stink.

  5. Anonymous10/03/2006

    a happy challah and yom kippur to you also TAN

  6. Mr. Flatus10/03/2006

    "suppressed flatus" *snicker*

  7. Anonymous10/03/2006

    My dad will sit on the couch, lift up his leg to create an adequate distance between his butthole and the couch and then let one rip. Like a dog pissing. It's terribly strange.


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