Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just Like Me (audio)

Have to clear space on the D-12, so some of these rough freestyles go on the blizzog.

MP3 File

send this one to my mama
and don dada
they encased my mind in permanent drama
so I bring the game kormma
that’s reason for pause
whether you — fighting for peace
or kneel at a cross
if you — married to god
or need a divorce
if you — don’t give a fuck
or bleed for the cause
if you - check if they clean
by sniffing your drawers
if you - have AIDS
just got a sniffle or cough …
I change gears
spill that blood on cashmere
y'all talk "tomorrow"
don’t know I kicked that last year
from the big city
there’s only first or last here
and Blue Room
we trying to plant the staff here
don’t mean a flag
I mean the whole bag
a philandering Dad
wife on a rag
kid that talks back
plus a Mexican to take out the trash
I’m so fast
better get your hands on the dash
or risk whiplash
from the crash of pens and pads
lights flash
I make beats bend and sag
(by now you really must know the dilly
my rhymes rock mags, pop wheelies)
stop and listen
it’s time for that mind nutrition
brought it from the Bx
to the Pomfret griffin
nonfiction –
mind drifting
reminiscing on Bam in the kitchen …

slick speaker
I make ni**as switch speakers
my flows demand Bose
like heroes demand foes
and shows demand prose
that goes beyond good and evil
yo, we squeezing camels in needles
for people who fear the gap
I rap like Evil knievel
my art a means to an end
I don’t believe in the end
seasons change
but never come to an end
I live life like a reed
with no reason to bend
head of a bull
heart of an ox
sometimes dumb as a mule
sometimes sly as a fox
sometimes I enjoy the ride
sometimes I wish it would stop
sometimes I think homophobes
are just in love with their pops
the awkward silence
I invited
people fight it
but I’m driving
so you’re riding
first sin
yo this pride
I gotta try it
gotta buy it
fatten my brain
put my body on a diet
makes sense …
the vision nascent …


  1. I know you hear it all the time TAN, but YOUR VOICE is irresistible, I love it. you should have a regular podcast.

  2. Anonymous10/05/2006

    Your Pomfret griffin is no match for my Westminster martlet...



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