Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Testosterone Post: NFL Pix & Why Men Like Anal [Retentive]

Another solid week for picks in the NFL, only 4 losses in 14 games, Buffalo (bears keep smacking me up for doubting), Jets, Steelers (Rivers keeps smacking me for doubting), Ravens. An interesting push week, with a few games finishing right at the line - Rams/Pack, Pats/Dolphins, Carolina/Cleveland.

I say it's less about winning and more about "not losing," so I'll mark this down at 10-4. Bringing us to 28-16 on the season. Not too shabby. Week 6 on the horizon.

And talk of "winning" versus "not losing," leads us to this overheard* exchange:

W: So what is it with you/guys and anal sex? What do they like about it? Is it the perversity and novelty?

M: "No ... I think it's the doo-doo."


  1. mermaidintherudder10/11/2006

    I thought it was the prostate.

  2. Anonymous10/19/2006

    let me eff vajayjay all day, it's def better than an ass. but mermaid has a good point. tis better to receive than to give.


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