Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blue Notes -- "Girls I Like ..." (audio)

I can't always be rainbows and cotton-candy. Sometimes we must succumb to our base impulses ...

"Girls I Like ..." is a succumbing, a succumbing to the temptation that lurks in every newstand carrying magazines like Maxim, FHM, or Stuff.

Written a couple years ago, there is a 2005 edition/update that has been written, but not recorded ... regardless, the underlying feelings/infrastructure remain constant.

peece brothers ...


tell all the kids
to cover their ears
i’m gonna bring this raw dog
and rape Britney Spears
but this ain’t no oops b*tch
you know I’ll do it again
your songs are corny, but I’m horny
and you’re showing some skin
more important
if you’re sexy and white
this brother’s brainwashed
all these posh celebs [are] just my type
so quick fast I punk Ashton
give more to Demi
tell her to StripTease
after a couple of Remy’s
and there’s still more for Mandy, Julieanne, and Drew Barry
die my pubes blonde
Give it to Deborah Harry
-step into a room …-
catch me howling at full moons
no punchline
just looking at Heidi Klum
give me time with Reese
she can’t wither my spoon
i’m Bond
legally armed
with Cruel Intentions for blondes
i respond to Jenna J flickspam A’s tits
angelina’s lips
and Shakira’s hips
and when I want that imported
i see Penelope Cru
lucy Liu
they not white but they can get some too
as I’m kicking that
voulez vous coucher avec moi
put this in your mouth ma
till you get to the marmalade
i’m not French but I spread love like it’s my job
and I only know two words
bon jour and ménage
be it Wilma and Betty
ginger and Maryanne
paris and Nikki
olsen Twins get down with the plan
get them Bud Light girls
i’ll give them something to share
taste great, more filling
d*ck is better than beer
amazed, how many ways I get you to blow
telling Cheryl – guitar down
while I’m eating that crow
in Chicago I see Zeta
send Michael the pics
gotta kick Winona out
she start robbing my ish …
i’m an undercover brother
scoping Denise Rich
no doubt she a petty b*tch
but can’t act for sh*t
that’s alright I want skillsi’m gonna go see Streep
only thing she cries for hours
and makes sh*t too deep
and I don’t need another motherf*cking lecture
tell all that objectify women sh*t
to Carmen Electra
you know I’m a lover
throw me the rubbers
turn this up for all the heads
who jerk to Maxim covers
it's not a song
i plan to release others
just a toast
to the girls I like most

Peace brothers …



  1. oh..this is SO nasty! I like it.
    I cant believe you referenced Deborah Harry. Damn..

  2. Hey, this was funny.

  3. Anonymous9/16/2006

    No brother of mine.


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