Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Prelude To A Drunkcast (audio)

So when gridskipper first started taking nominations for the URBs (vote for TAN!!), Lexie and Meme over at Girlspoke happened to be having one of their regular DrunkCasts™.

But it just so happened in this one, they started talking about me, and how I was nominated for every award possible.

So you know when a negro's called out, he needs to respond. Which I did ... in the comments.

But then you tack on Lexie/Snod/Monica Lewinsky convincing me to be an occasional guest star over at [decentcontent]

And then their Blogmukkah party, where apparently the "almost orgies" were almost jumping off ... along with the Moist Armpit DJing.

and so quickly I realized The DrunkCast™ girls and I would have to get it on inebriated style soon. Which we will.

But in the meantime, in between time ...

this is a prelude ... to The DrunkCast™ with a beat.



  1. i am so intimidated by your come over and eat my cookie.

  2. TAN's the shit, other blogs are shitty !!!!!!

  3. Anonymous12/21/2005

    another hot one dawg.

    I remember that beat. It was in the nike commercial a couple years back. it's hot. nicel yrics too. i never been too girlspoke before, but looks like you're hanging with some pretty ladies.


  4. And the blog award for slickest way to try and convince a bunch of blogger girls to get drunk with you and let you see them naked goes to... (oh my god, I can't believe it) ...The Assimilated Negro!

    This is TAN's third nomination and first win in this category. Earlier tonight, he also won in the Most Assimilated Minority category.

  5. Anonymous12/21/2005

    girlspoke is hot. looking forward to the drunkcast.

  6. meme - sounds good.

    choatey - word up

    anon - yeah. beat's dope. girlspoke girls are dope too.

    maine - nice

    anon - word up

  7. I want in on this action--those girls are the hotness.

  8. Well this one is up there with the campaign to get me and Gwen to show you our knickers.
    Smooth moves, my man.


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