Wednesday, September 28, 2005

PT Anderson And His Perfect Bio

I was trolling around the internet, you know, looking for perfection. And to my surprise, I found it, in PT Anderson's bio.

You doubt?

Well see for yourself:

Lived in Los Angeles, USA with girlfriend Fiona Apple.

Dropped out of NYU's film program after two days. Subsequently got his tuition payment back and used the money to make Cigarettes & Coffee (1993).

He shaves his head before some productions. He did not shave his head before the production of Magnolia (1999), as evidenced in the documentary on the DVD.

His favorite all-time film is Network (1976)

For the brief time he was at NYU film school he handed in some of Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet's work as his own. When he got it back with a "C" grade he decided to leave.

Tom Cruise got him on to the set of Eyes Wide Shut (1999). He spent the day there and got to talk to Stanley Kubrick.

He is a good friend of Quentin Tarantino.

Is a big fan of Adam Sandler and his movies.

His girlfriend of three years, Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live), is pregnant with their first child (due summer 2005).

Shares his birthday (26 June 1970) with Sean Hayes and Chris O'Donnell.

Doubt no more friends, doubt no more ...

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