Monday, September 26, 2005

Kate Moss - 100% AN Approved

Well first and foremost, this is our first time breaking out the AN (short for Assimilated Negro) acronym. Which I guess means we actually broke out the ANA … but … well…yeah.
Anyways, sometimes the AN lifestyle is pretty insular … so I’m a little late on the Kate Moss roast ... but you know, better late, than way too late ... so here are some lines for snorting:

Thought #1 -- I'm wondering how long until Kate’s on the Surreal Life? Over/Under for which season she’ll appear on is – 7.

Thought #2 -- Don't look now, but those lines are fatter than she is *buh-dum-bum* (is that how you spell rim-shot?)

Thought #3 -- I forgot...

Thought #4 -- If she wants to become a legend, she should kill herself. Right now. Opportunity is knocking. Change the world.

Thought #1 -- Is she looking to date black guys now?

Life Lesson #42 - If Johnny Depp is your boyfriend, hang on for dear life.

Thought #10 -- Who remembers this line?
“chances slimmer than that chick in Calvin Klein pants’s” [sic]
– Jay-Z “Friend or Foe”

Headline #2 -- Kate Moss: Six Months Pregnant

Thought #2 - I mean, do you think a regular guy, with a blog, like you, OR ME, could like, you know, get with her now?

Thought #12 - The “Kate Moss Diet” oddly enough does not require you to actually eat moss of any kind.

Quote #1 - “At least I don’t take steroids and lie about it.”

Quote #2 - "No Kate. I don’t think you want to ride The Cyclone ... "

New Game - "Where's Kate?" (from the makers of "Where's Waldo")

Seriously, ummm anyone know if she’s dating black guys ...

*this post was conceived, written, and edited in 8.2 seconds according to SmartPost™*


  1. OMG! an AN who is ANAL? You timed your post? It would have been more manly to measure....
    Oh no..only fat white girls date black guys. At least in my area.
    Unless youre Seal..of course ( Heidi Klum )
    Having been a fashion model in print and other media..I can say with anorexic authority that back least we didnt have to purchase breasts. Or blow up our lips.
    Ill bet she farts a lot..coke does that to you. skinny and farting..whatta package!

  2. What's an AN?

    Seal is a god.

    mmmm skinny, farting white women ....mmmmm

  3. Now every time I think of Kate Moss, I'm going to think of my 12 year old neighbor and his fart jokes.

  4. AN; "Assimilated Negro"..Im lazy
    I bet Johnny Dep likes fart jokes. Dep ( one "P" or two? ) was a minion of Hunter S. Thomppson, and I know he liked fart jokes. I like fart jokes.. so does that make me jewish?

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    what the HELL is this all about... ?


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