Thursday, September 22, 2005

Readables ...

A couple interesting readable tidbits:

For those who may not be up to speed on the latest advances on the inter-neato. Here's a good primer on recent developments in our new virtual world that we all love and enjoy. It's from PC World, July '05, so it'll be relevant at least until the end of this post.

For you slackers among us, you're sure to find inspiration (or uninspiration?) in the story of Paul Orfalea (pronounced OR-fah-la), the founder of Kinko's. In contrast to the normal driven-to-succeed-500-hour-work-week-until-we-are-established schpiel, check out this excerpt on how Orfalea worked to create his Copy Empire:
"I certainly didn't behave like other executives. If you opened the drawers and filing cabinets of my office, you would have seen ... nothing. I didn't keep paperwork, files, a pen, or a computer. What for? As a nonreader, I wouldn't be using them much. In a way the office was just for show, because I didn't like spending time there. I didn't like sitting around and reading long, novelistic reports. I didn't get caught up in the minutiae of meeting minutes. (I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than sit through a board meeting.) Co-workers helped with my written correspondence."

that's hot for a CEO...

His next section is headlined: Make Yourself Less Accessible

Here's more fuel for slackers across the globe. Go Orfalea Go!!

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  1. This guy is my new corporate hero!


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