Friday, September 16, 2005

Giant Thoughts (Week 1)

Week One - Arizona Cardinals

Clearly a great week for the New York football Giants.

Arizona was a big preseason bandwagon team, so they were a perfect litmus test for the new look Jints. You don’t want a powerhouse, like Philly, that puts too much pressure right out the gate. And you don’t want a supposed rollover, like the Browns, where it’s a no-win situation because you’re expected to dominate.

I think Dennis Green will have a good team in Arizona. Kurt Warner’s kind of like Drew Bledsoe now. Boldin and Fitzgerald are for real, and Green just has to figure out his o-line situation. Dennis Green is a great coach who always wins, so he’ll have them playing tough by season’s end. But they might go 8-8 in the process.

But back to Big Blue. Obviously anyone who saw the game immediately went out to get a Brandon Jacobs jersey. He’s exciting. It will be nice to see him develop, he’s looking like a Bettis or Eddie George type.

What’s nice about the Giants offense is they have three to four players who present very difficult one-on-one match-ups. Shockey cannot be covered by most LB’s or safeties. Plaxico is a great jump ball guy. Tiki can’t be covered by most LB’s or safeties. If we can stay reasonably healthy, it will really and truly all rest on Eli’s shoulders. I think every Giant fan is happy to see 42 points in a week where Eli played mediocre at best.

Special Teams!! What a sight for sore eyes.

Our D-line looked ferocious. Strahan was dominating as usual, which was nice to see. Osi was shutdown by Leonard Davis most of the day, but it’s a good learning experience for him. Davis is massive and could emerge this year, he’s been transitioning from guard to tackle, and should be more comfortable this year.

The pleasant surprise was the play of Joseph and Clancy, they were constantly causing a ruckus. But it is tempered because the middle of the Cards O-line is weak, with a rookie at guard and a one-year waiver pickup at center.

Much bally-hooed Antonio Pierce looked good, and very bad-ass playing MLB without knee or thigh pads. There wasn’t much running in the second half by the Cards though, so he wasn’t featured as much.

But not much to say really when you win big in week one. It feels good, but let's see about this upcoming Sunday. Saints are a very interesting match-up. We should know a lot (or a little) more about these Giants after week two.


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