Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Dave Chappelle "I'm Not Crazy" Tour Continues

I'm a Chappelle fan, but I find it amusing that he's going to be on "Inside the Actor's Studio." It's not going to be long before Mr. Lipton is interviewing the black waiter guy in the Red Stripe commercials, or the AFLAC duck. But regardless Chappelle should be a good look on the show, and I believe it [re]airs Sunday, March 5, 8PM.

I found this link which downloads the first segment of the show.

UPDATE: This aired last Sunday Feb 12. Reairs March 5th.

So get your sneak peek here.


  1. Dave Chappelle's an excellent actor. Have you not seen his work in "Half Baked"?

  2. I think Lipton has also booked the freaky baby from the Quizno's commercials for a May interview.

  3. Anonymous2/16/2006

    >>So get your sneak peek here.

    No Homo.

  4. Anonymous2/16/2006

    Unless I was TV Watchin on Shrooms, I think this episode of Inside the Actors Studio first aired last Sunday.

  5. Hey! TAN is not Lucifer. I know this because I live with Lucifer, she's sitting about 10 feet from me and she looks nothing like TAN. Or vice-versa for that matter.


  6. orange - no I do appreciate Dave's acting skills actually, but it still amuses me how the show has to continue to stretch their ideal arcethype for an interview subject. first pacino, hanks, streep. now they're more like cast of the simpson's and chappelle. pretty soon the geico gecko and Herbie from Herbie Fully Loaded

    anon - you're right. it's been amended ...

    HH - who said TAN was Lucifer? did I miss something ?

  7. Anonymous2/17/2006

    FYI, im not a she.

    And im most definatly not TAN, i despise assimilation. Black power, biatch.

  8. TAN -- it was a weak jest on lucifer's comment. My sweetie is named Lucifer (not a nickname) and I couldn't pass it up.

    No offense intended to the lucifer who posted.



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