Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who Is That Masked TAN???

Considering changing my profile pic.

This is what I wear while watching the games with my ni**as (no homo). Gotta stay young son, keep the eyes fresh!!

Dont' forget to celebrate Black History Month.


  1. Anonymous2/09/2006

    Don't change it unless you're reconsidering your position on the nudity issue.

  2. Oh, do. Do change it. The mask is hot, and I prefer the picture 'cause we can see your chin dimple. (Didn't even know you had one. Dimples must be capitalized on, my friend.) It'd be nice, though, to be able to see the whole chin.

    I do hope you're getting a kickback from Almay.

  3. Anonymous2/09/2006

    Odd that you would throw "no homo" out there when that picture is about as gay as I've seen in a long time. That said, your skin DOES look lovely.

  4. I agree, your skin is lovely especially against the pink doily background. i have the same one, are we almay soulmates?

    my celebration of black history month got a little halted this morning -

  5. Anonymous2/09/2006

    Dude, I'm sorry but you look absolutely hilarious in that picture, with your little shit-eating grin.

  6. Anonymous2/09/2006

    ohh my you look adorable here. I love it!

  7. Add a blue leotard (a little lighter in hue than the mask), and you are...
    AlmayMan, ridder of rough-and-tumble skin patches.

  8. No "no homo" - it's embarassing. You'd think a man real enough to write an open letter to his average-sized penis would be secure enough to do without that homophobic tripe.

    Eric Johnson makes a good case (on for why this dumbass phrase should die a timely death.

    But I still love the mask. And I'm not a man, just in case that last comment made you nervous.

  9. Yes please, my homosexual friends, please take no offense, I've had too many good times with homos (no homo) to really hate on homos. It's just jokes. You have to paint with every color on the pallette, no? ... homo?

    I poke fun at negroes and the occasional Ritz cracker every now and again as well.

  10. Anonymous2/10/2006

    I like the pic. It's funny and it assures me that you're not going to get agressive. It also shows that you keep your wooliness trimmed to an acceptable level. You've done well.

  11. I gotta be honest here, that really is one of the scariest things I've ever seen. And you took this in granny's house? Or are you dating and palying dress up with a GMILF (grandmother...)?

  12. You silly's a rug..from persia...he's lying on the floor!


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