Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sneaker Speakers

Sneaker manufacturer Dada is trying to shake up the industry. After debuting sneakers with spinning rims a couple years ago (they spinnin', they spinnin'!!), Dada is now set to release the "Code M." Darren Rovell on his ESPN blog reveals:
The Code M has an MP3 embedded in the tongue of the shoe. You can download up to 100 songs into the shoe through a USB port. That port also serves to recharge the battery, which has a six-hour life.
You can listen through wireless headphones, or apparently, the sneakers also have speakers.

So now there's really going to be some carnage if fools start stepping on the wrong person's sneakers.

I also like the idea of kicking someone's ass and then while they're lying on the ground, putting your sneaker next to their face with some appropriate song cued up. Like "We Are The Champions," or "Landslide" if the victim is an older lady. Or "Cat's in the Cradle" for some punk with daddy issues.


The Ultimate Shoe [ESPN]


  1. Anonymous2/19/2006

    These shoes'll have to be huge if they're gunna fit speakers and an MP3 Player.

    However I do have to admit that i can see your point (nullus) of kicking someone's ass then mabye playing some "im that type of nigga" music. I can definitly seeing myself playing some "Respect my gangsta, bitch" music after i deliver the finnishing blow (no homo).

    Are there any pictures of what this shoe looks like yet?

  2. I saw Shaquille O'neal taking pictures this All-Star weekend with his sneaker....

    Soon you'll be able to start your own production company by buying a pair of keds...

    ...I can already imagine the number of Paris Hilton-esque videos coming out..."Honey, why are your sneakers on the headboard"

  3. This is it? This is the crown of creation? This is the sum of all human endevours? Millions of years of human evolution for MP3 sneakers?
    We're so fucked.

  4. I wonder if bigger feet will eventually allow for more MP3 storage. If so, I'd have about 6 songs.

  5. You know what they say about the size of man's MP3 storage...

  6. We are the Champions would be perfect "I just kicked your ass" music... but I gotta agree with toi... inventions just aren't what they used to be!

  7. I'm definitely putting spinning rims on my testicles. So whenever my hoochies see them they'll be all like "God I've gotta fuck that shit!" And it'd just be wrong not to. Sometimes the gods have to be careful when they bestow powers on man.

  8. Anonymous9/09/2008

    man have some special powers inventions just aren't what they used to be!

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