Thursday, February 09, 2006

No Homo (Nullus Homosexualis)

I don't use "no homo" as often as I would like. I use it sometimes, but it isn't muscle reflex like "son," "ni**a," and "vagina."

But this article is an inspiration

via Byron Crawford (King of "No Homo /Nullus")


  1. It would be the funniest thing ever if Bol came out as gay. Not that I think he is, but it wouldn't surprise me. For all his parenthetical denials, the signs are everywhere. I mean, he liked Brokeback!

    Disclosure: I thought Brokeback was an excellent film and it deserves all the Oscar nominations it's receive.

  2. Amanda and I use No Homo all the time. The guys like to say No il homo - the italian version

  3. Anonymous2/09/2006

    I don't use "no homo" beacause I am homo.

  4. Anonymous2/09/2006

    And not just "beacause" but also "because." Fire the proofreader.

  5. Anonymous2/09/2006

    I always associated "no homo" with the 19-and-under set.
    And if you say something vaguely homoerotic and don't qualify with "no homo," does it mean green-light? It's all too confusing.
    Oh, how I've aged.
    Also, I wish I had gone to the high school where Homo coaches, but for the joy of addressing an elder as homo without fear of repurcussion.

  6. I tried to work that expression in with my group of friends after reading it several times, and it was banished by them to the same vault as "hella" and "wicked." Any tips on ways of subtley making it part of the vernacular?

  7. Any tips on ways of subtley making it part of the vernacular?

    None, none at all. A "no homo" will only bring attention to homoeroticness of whatever you say that would've gone unnoticed. It can't be subtly introduced because the term is the antithesis of subtlety.

    In any case, it's useless to me since I don't give a shit if people think I'm gay, and it's only useful on the internet where tone and context can be easily confused. And I only use "no homo"/"nullus" with tongue squarely in cheek (no homo), to point out how gay I can come off.

  8. *sigh* homosexuality is so hot right now. You can't touch it.

    All my homosexual peeps, you know I love you (no homo) ... hope y'all can roll with the punches, ... and take it like a man??

    *continues digging hole*

  9. TAN, why don't you lick my nuts (nullus)?

  10. Anonymous2/09/2006

    TAN --

    Oh, defintitely. No worries here...I'm an assimilated homo.

    My only gripe is when the ease of the "no homo" thing (and all its variations) messes with people who are still trying to figure out who they are. High school can really stink for a homo, and of course, that's where everything's no-homo-nullus.

    But we're all grown ups here (right? right? please say we're all grown ups), so no emotional scarring is taking place.

    Anyway, I ain't scarred. And if anyone in here's still figuring out who they are, try not to sweat this stuff too much.

    Love ya! (homo)

  11. c'mon, when the school administrators asked this guy to take over the girls cross country team, what other choice did a guy with last name of "homo" have other than accept the offer? not like he can decline wihtout arousing suspicions.

    as for the "no homo" phrase. i cannot believe that phrase is popularly spoken because its frequent use requires the constant processing of one's own language to look for vague homosexual references. i am amazed at people who can recognize the gay-potentiality of what comes out of their mouths as they say it...kind of like how jay-z doesn't write down any of his rhymes...

    hard to believe

  12. Anonymous2/13/2006

    and no homo


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