Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TAN @ WYSIWYG - Almost Sold Out!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! -- Still some walk up tix left on the side, so you can try that, but no more advance.

Just a quick note because I got an e-mail saying the WYSIWYG Show is almost sold out. There's supposed to be about 30 tix left. So if you're hemming and hawing about seeing TAN in action, act now or forever hold your head...

Here's the post with all the links and info.

Here's the link for tix.

Slots for having horrible sex with TAN (no homo), and potentially becoming a lead character in my story are also filling up... so experience the best of both worlds before it's too late.

After V-Day I'm going celibate.


(now back to Black History Month)


  1. Anonymous2/08/2006

    "..I'm going celibate."

    It must be nice to have the option.

    (& i say that without winking)

  2. Darn it! My travel plans don't involve going east until next month. Oh, well. It's not like I'm actively seeking horrible sex anyway...

  3. It's certainly not selling out because of me, though. My pecuniary status is in dire straits, and now I can't go. I'm taking myself out for drinks instead. To my kitchen, actually, where I will woo myself with only the finest of $6 wines.

    I think you should do WYSIWYG again next year, though, so I can see you in action. By that time you will surely have had at least ONE unfortunate sexual experience you can relate afresh.

    Break a leg!


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