Monday, March 13, 2006

Beware, TAN Is Everywhere ...

So I got a new marketing/street team for promoting The Assimilated Negro. And they discovered dynamic images. If you want to experiment on your own, click here.

you heard the man. holla at ya boy ...


  1. Anonymous3/13/2006

    I find you compelling - like a surgery show or weather channel footage of a disaster. I am uncomfortable yet fascinated. I peek at you from between my fingers. I like that you push the boundaries even as I cringe. I think I may like you. Not that you give a shit.

  2. I think you ended on the best one. Good luck drumming up (even more) business.

  3. the uncle sam one is the best one I might have to check this out myself.

  4. Anonymous3/13/2006


    i like the first one, I kind of look like that girl, and I would totally punch any guy who said something silly like that ;)

  5. Anonymous3/13/2006

    i love it TAN!!

  6. Anonymous3/13/2006

    You are so weird and so scary you make we feel warm and safe

  7. Anonymous3/13/2006

    WHy are only white people featured in your posters? Shouldn't TAN be breaking stereotypes rather than perpetuating them?

  8. Who did these for you? Donnie Deutsch?


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