Friday, March 17, 2006

Welcome To TAN: AM New York

So today TAN can be found in print, featured in a story on New York City bloggers in local daily AM New York.

New York, Blog City

I'd love to make the joke that "other" bloggers get plugged in New York magazine, New York Observer, or The New Yorker.

While the black guy gets AM New York.

But I won't do that. It would be tacky. The last thing I am is tacky.

Plus it shows a lack of appreciation, and obviously I'm - *consulting assimilated dictionary* - um, stoked to get plugged in the paper. I've been blogging six months, and its been a crazy ride from drinking Steel Reserve out of my hands in the back alleys of East Harlem, to sipping Ketel and cranberries out of teacups at a "back room" in the LES. I remember when me and my bodyguard used to have beat down fools to get them to visit TAN. Now I'm over three thousand peeps a day (is that tacky? if so, see above), and hopefully still spreading growing...

So if you've never been here before and you're wondering what The Assimilated Negro is all about, I don't know what to tell you. TAN is difficult to categorize. Here are a handful of samples that, if nothing else, demonstrate that I'm incapable of giving you just one flavor:

The Relationship Stock Market
"Black" History Month
Don't Lick Your Lips At Me On The Train Please
Review of "Crash" or Why We Need "Better" Racism
Negro Hipsters???
Apples and Oranges Don't Care About Race

Then you got audio...
and video

Hmmm ... maybe if the blogosphere is network television, then TAN is like HBO. You're not sure exactly what you're going to get, but it should be good entertainment. Drama, satire, suicide, snot, salt water taffy, long lost sisters, and tears.

(I wonder, if you link yourself enough times, does your blog just explode in your self-touching face? Blog-facials...)

Anthony Hopkins says Happy Kwanzaa.

Ok, I've lost control of the train, so I'll just pull the brake here.

ciao for niao

UPDATE: More from the TAN AM New York photo shoot


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day, TAN. O'Holla!

  2. Anonymous3/17/2006


  3. Nice pic in the paper, I giggled on my commute. Oh snap, I found another soul food joint to try... holla!

  4. Woohoo!! You so famous!
    You'll get groupies next.

  5. Anonymous3/17/2006

    You must be strong in the face of smack after growing up with the appellation "Patrice." I even bet ol' Gary Payton couldn't get to you. You go.


  7. TAN, please stay tacky. I like tacky. Some bloggers are too boring and they blend in with each other.

  8. Anonymous3/23/2006

    Overhead in Los Angeles (on line in Warner Brothers Studio):

    Studio exec: "Gabby, who's this guy in my latest issue of AM New York?"

    Asst: "Which one, sir?"

    Studio exec: "This blogger. The one who looks like a young Denzel."

    Asst: I think his real name is ******.

    Studio: Gabby, stop what you're doing. I want to see a photo of him sitting with his laptop ASAP!"


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