Friday, March 03, 2006

The "I Don't Give A Fuck" Shirt

The other day I realized I had a "I don't give a fuck" shirt. I was going out to this bar/lounge to meet a friend. We were going to get a couple drinks, but we acknowledged that it was very possible nothing would come of the evening. Sometimes you go out saying, "I am going out and getting drunk/dancing/partying tonight" in which case you know you're going to bounce around no matter what happens. But sometimes you have a couple options, but if something happens and those plans fall through, or become cumbersome, you're willing to bag the evening and go home.

So this was the latter situation. And I went in my closet to get something to wear and saw this shirt I purchased, but have never worn. As I put the shirt on it felt very empowering looking in the mirror and thinking, "whatever, I dont' give a fuck!"

Do other people have "I don't give a fuck" shirts ... or pants/jeans?

It's very similar to "laundry day" clothes. On laundry day you might find me in the laundromat wearing some burlap sweater I got in 89 and tighty-whities. Another "I don't give a fuck" ensemble. But the laundry day outfit is different because you're not expecting to see anyone other than fellow laundromat patrons. The "I don't give a fuck" shirt is a choice. There's something empowering about its position. That there's a bottom [to your wardrobe], and you control it. You can choose to give less than your best effort and people have to just accept it.

During the evening my friend and I did end up talking to some ladies, and I might have been even more carefree and recklessly jovial than normal. I didn't give a fuck. I didn't need to say it explicitly. My shirt said it for me. Later on in the evening I saw a lady-friend who saw my shirt and asked, "did you actually wear that out???" I told her I did wear it out, and that I had dubbed it my "I don't give a fuck" shirt. I also told her it apparently wasn't too much of a problem because I had the contact information for ladies who also "didn't give a fuck" about the shirt I was wearing.

So now I think I'll be wearing my "I don't give a fuck" shirt more often. And I wonder if that means I have to find a new "I don't give a fuck" shirt.


  1. I don't know about the IDGAF shirt, but I know plenty about them IDGAF drawlz. If I ain't planning to get some, and it ain't the weekend, my ass is covered entirely in Hanes Her Way. The thongs don't break out until the weekend, playa playa!

  2. I can lend you my over-sized green t-shirt with a big-ass smiling Gumby face on it.

  3. Nothing like a big fuck you to jump start the weekend.

    Way to go rockstar.

  4. being well dressed is such a big deal, especially in the black community. somehow wearing clothes that are attractive to the viewer is supposed to mean that the person wearing them is more 'together', i.e. takes care of himself, got a job, pays his bills, etc.

    i would love to see more brothas kicking the "i don't give a fuck" shirt. then again, it's not really an "i don't give a fuck" shirt. it's more like a "i give a fuck enough to consider wearing a shirt i know won't be attractive but i wear it anyway because you shouldn't give a fuck about what i wear" shirt.

    either way, i'm going shopping this weekend for one of those shirts for myself.

  5. Anonymous3/03/2006

    that shirt wasn't so bad. not great, but I've seen worse.

    your blog is hilarious.

    how come you haven't contacted me yet?

    -IDGAF girl

  6. i think i might have two or three shirts like that, keep it real.

  7. One time I wore a home made shirt out to DC. It said “I bang Asians” Bang meaning sexual intercourse of course. I went out with that “I don’t give a fuck” feeling you so speak of. I new it might start some trouble but I seriously “didn’t give a fuck”. If any one came up talking ish, I’d plan on just telling them my girlfriend is Asian and in a wheelchair, so they’d leave me alone.

    I never got so much love from the Asian community as I did that night. Eight phone numbers later and countless free drinks from random girls and the bartender. Just goes to show what happens when you give off that “I don’t give a fuck vibe”


  8. ha, that reminds me of the shirt I saw at Urban Outfitters yesterday, it said "DIE YUPPIES DIE." I suppose it was supposed to fall into that "ironic" t-shirts category, but it seemed to fit in the more "I would like to be beaten" category.

  9. Anonymous3/04/2006

    have seen several "don't give a fuck" shirts...used 2 own 1 that said "I Hate You" on the, did that shirt ever piss some folks off...they took it so personally...another hilarious thing these days are the people i see with "fuck it" celebrity example? tim duncan, professional basketball player for the san antonio spurs...guess if i had his $$, i wouldn't give a fuck what my hair looked like either...

  10. I once went to a yankees game in my boyfriends pants, a bikini top and a wife beater over that. I had the time of my life! didnt get home till the next morning.

  11. you should make a "don't give a fuck" t shirt. It will become hip, and people will wear their don't give a fuck t-shirt when they in fact give a fuck. You just can't win in this mean 'ol world....

  12. Anonymous3/04/2006

    I have a "Fuck you, I rhyme better shirt".

    Greatest shirt ever.

  13. Anonymous3/04/2006

    ^^ The "shirt" is not part of the quote btw.

    Damn my dyslexia

  14. Anonymous3/04/2006

    Funny post, can we get an actual pic? Maybe you should have people send in pics of their "I don't give a fuck" clothes and post them.

  15. Anonymous3/05/2006

    definitely some kind of status thing. go figuuuuuuuuuuure dude etc

  16. I don't have an IDGAF shirt...I have an IDGAF wardrobe.

  17. i think every outfit i wear says i dont give a fuck in some fashion.

    something for you to chew on TAN -

  18. It is a hard look to master really. But I will tell you that I have gone home with more girls from bars wearing used gym clothes and Kappa (the sportswear manufacturer that everone confuses with the naked lady mudflaps) shorts than I have wearing a striped dress shirt. And both numbers are high enough to be statistically significant.

  19. Anonymous3/07/2006

    white dade: that's because striped dress shirts are boring and lame (my girlfriends and i were just discussing this the other day).

    i love idgaf clothes. i once ended up at crobar in the sweater set and corduroy pants i'd worn to work--like, not only was i in work clothes, i was in the dorkiest work clothes i have ever owned--and i have to say, my own lack of fabulousness actually made it more fun.

  20. Anonymous3/08/2006

    I have quite a few IDGAF shirts, seeing as how in general, IDGAF. My favorites are my nWo t-shirt, my Guns and Roses t-shirt and my blue Strohs t-shirt. My IDGAF pants are a pair of camoflauge cargo pants.

  21. Anonymous3/10/2006

    yes i do. i have a couple of brown or dark colored cozy sweaters that i wear out to bars when IDGAF. not form fitting, not eye-catching. i wear them purposely so that i can be comfortable and when i am not on a "guy-hunt", or if i don't want guys hitting on me.

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