Sunday, March 12, 2006

Can You Hear That? Listen ...

it's the sound of everyone in the (borough / city / state / country / world / universe?) watching The Sopranos...


  1. I wonder what I'm missing. I've never watched The Sopranos (we don't get HBO, just basic cable). Nor Desperate Housewives, CSI, "24", Lost, American Idol, Apprentice. etc. No, I'm not claiming some cultural high ground here. Nor am I suggesting all of the above shows are equal in merit.

    But... when do people get the time to watch all this TV? I'm lucky to get my L&O:SUV fix every week!

  2. Oh, was that on last night? *yawn*

  3. Not me!!!
    But I'm foreign....

  4. Anonymous3/14/2006

    Phil Leotardo gives his fucking regards you degenerate scumbags.


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