Friday, March 17, 2006

Revolutionizing The "Blog Photo" Shoot

A lot of people complain about the blogging pics in mainstream-media stories always being the same stale snapshot of a guy or girl with their laptop. Nothing more. So for the AM New York story TAN decided he would have to get his "creativity" on. He hired a crack photographer, and made sure he was caught doing "other stuff" while blogging.

It is kind of amusing how this "blogging while grooming" photo that made the paper probably doesn't translate as a joke. People probably think I actually blog and shave at the same time. They also probably think I'd make a better orange man, instead of a black man.

Anyhustle, to provide context, here are some other revolutionary photos of TAN blogging from the AM NY shoot.

This is the standard TAN blogging pic (notice my dog Shirley, by my feet in the background).

Hmm, looks like this anonymous commenter means business, better take my hoodie off.

My Total Gym helps me keep my blog posts tight. Chuck Norris would be proud.

Damn!! They turned the heat off in my apt again. Gotta blog in the cold. Someone call 311.

Showers take so long sometimes ... and I really love blogging!!

Whoah, god-damned papparazzi!! Can't I wipe my ass and blog in peace?

If you're going to be blogging this much, it's best to use protection ...

awww yeah, it's about to get hot and heavy now ...

this is TAN blogging in the dark

see... a dutiful blogger never loses touch with his laptop.

FYI - these photos were all taken at a sound stage in Los Angeles.
All images taken by professional photographer, Monkey In My Pants

TAN in the paper [TAN]


  1. That is some pretty funny stuff. Happened upon your blog a few days back, good stuff.

  2. Anonymous3/17/2006

    Dude you are absolutely fucking hilarious.

    TANG'S, SON!!

  3. omg, hilarious..ROTFLMAO, son! ...yeah i fly in the face of your hate on text codes!

    what's that tissue by your face in the sleeping pose...hmmmm?

  4. Anonymous3/18/2006

    You shameless ham!

    Congrats on the coverage, and the pics are funny.

  5. Anonymous3/18/2006

    dead funny, as usual.

    This has inspired me to consider a similair photoshoot - but with me blogging with my PDA in bed - watch this space!

  6. Is your bathroom sponsored by ingDirect's Orange savings account?

  7. your blogging posture is terrible.

  8. Can't believe they didn't go for the wiping your ass while blogging picture!

  9. Anonymous3/18/2006

    Copy --

    If so, he needs to add white lettering with the line: "Let's Talk About You Restroom."

  10. No weekend posting? Has success gone to your head?!!

  11. Anonymous3/20/2006

    caught you in the AMNY paper and Byron Crawford on the XXL site. I guess you two have maxxed out all the good white folks Black Man while blogging money.

    I am gonna have to wait for one of you two to die and since you live in NYC you should watch your back.

    not that I would do anything to you, but I am just saying...

    it hard our here on a...

    awww, forget it.

  12. Three words: Bare Ass Nekked.

    Skin is IN, TAN.

  13. Anonymous3/20/2006

    this post made my day! love the rubber duckie on the laptop!!

    i am so crushing on TAN

  14. don't be showing up in my comment box naked slinky ...

    lauren - me too ..

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  16. Anonymous5/23/2008

    Whenever I teach people to blog I always tell them you can do it on the toilet. Now you have proven it.

  17. Quite an interesting photo're on dedicated blogger LOL


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