Thursday, February 09, 2006

Michelle Collins, MySpace, And Space Filler

The primary impetus for this post is I need space filler, something to move the previous pic post down a bit (haha, no link suckers). Don't like that image popping up immediately upon hitting the page. I'm also a little embarrassed after a handful of comments.

But I will grit my teeth and bear it. I'm just going to bear it further down. ASAP.

While I'm here adding distance between the top of the page and the pic post (what pic post? I don't know, he's not linking it.), I'd like to add that Michelle Collins has a lot of amusing content up right now. I also noticed she has a post addressing her MySpace situation.

I also just recently half-assedly put up a MySpace page... and I was thinking maybe ...

Hmmm, actually I can't do it. I can't request MySpace stuff. I thought Michelle did it well ... but nope, not me ...

Fcuk MySpace. I could care less.

Seriously though. I don't care. This is just space filler.

Don't sweat me, cause I ain't sweating you.


  1. Anonymous2/09/2006

    You mad, doggie?

  2. Anonymous2/09/2006

    You pushed it down the page. That is beyond funny!

    Seriously, though, do those masks work? I've never tried one.

  3. Don't put up a link to your myspace page and think I won't try to add you as a friend. Consider this a way-after-the-fact warning.

  4. Anonymous2/09/2006

    those masks totally do work! TAN, keep it in your fridge for maximum cooling sensation and puffy-eye shrinkability. maybe you'll start an eye-mask meme.

    can't join you on myspace, tho. still waiting for someone to explain its existence to me.

  5. Love the picture. Can't stand MySpace.

  6. How you gon' play me like dat, son?! Actin' like you don't know I'm on MySpace....punk.

  7. um why you say you dont drink but that looks like a cocktail in your hand in your pic. granted it's a nancy-boy cosmo-lookin drink but still.

    maybe it's kool-aid.

  8. Sixteen my arse!!!!

  9. brown - haven't filled out all the info yet. think that's the default answer.

    claire - turn 17 tomorrow ...!!

  10. Anonymous2/09/2006

    let the friend invites fly!

  11. No you don't, I know when you bday is, cos you made the mistake of telling me. And I have an uncanny ability to remember shit.


  12. Anonymous2/11/2006

    Parethetigal --

    Thanks for the answer on the mask thing. I might try one of those things.

    My ulterior motive was to see if I could get TAN (no homo) to give me (homo) beauty tips on this comment page. He didn't take the bait.

  13. So you're 16. I love jailbait!

  14. Alright dude...i added you to my MySpace friends list...feel free to accept me :P


  15. Anonymous2/14/2006

    My Space is much like the social security office: a time suck. BEWARE!!!!!



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