Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Black History Month Relocation Movement Building, 'Wiggers' To Take Over February

North of the 96th Street Mason-Dixon line, the hot word of the street is about a powerful movement building to make this the last Black History month celebrated in February. After hundreds of years of oppression, black people in this country want to throw off the shackles of this “cold-ass, short-ass” month, we’re told, and move to something “much more appropriate to a people with such an esteemed heritage.” The buzz is that black people are targeting May, and possibly even June, as the new home for Black History.

special report on Gawker

I don't know, I sat on this one for most of the month, and now I'm kind of like eh. Might be more bluster than gold...

But it was fun finding the pictures, and the pics make the piece go. And for that these ladies below deserve all the credit.

Art Director: Michelle Collins
Image Research: Erin Schulte

TAN Celebrates "Black" History Month [TAN]


  1. It has always struck me that Black History Month is relegated to the very shortest month of the year.

    If a movement toward a longer, warmer month is truly afoot, May would be the way to go, since schools are a major place where Black History Month is recognized and celebrated.

  2. as i said on Gawker, way to blow up my spot. i think that's me gettin' poached by Rapaport. That or I'm pretty sure i fucked his wannabe wigger cousin.

  3. I vote for June, since it's got Juneteenth in it already.


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