Friday, March 10, 2006

Black. White. Watched All Over??

Anyone see this show Black. White.?

Apparently it's a new reality show on FX where they have some amazing makeup person make a white family look black and vice versa, and then we get to watch the wacky hijinx ensue.

Of course this sounds like prime TAN fodder. So has anyone out there seen it? I'm seeing mixed reviews, which I'll post below. And I can't find any good still images to see the universally lauded makeup jobs. But I'm curious ...

Black White And Brilliant [Rolling Stone]
Color Commentary [Slate]
Black.White.Like.Me [CBS News]
On TV: Black. White. [Seattle Post intelligencer]


  1. I've seen the makeup jobs in magazine ads. The people look freakish, honestly. The white dad rendered black is passable, but that's about it.

  2. Anonymous3/10/2006

    'Black. White.' and Shades of Gray on FX
    Cutting-edge makeup techniques allow two American families... one black, one white... to trade races for a new reality show that debuts this week on cable TV's FX network.


    and Yahoo I think has the still images in detail

  4. Anonymous3/14/2006

    Washington Post Review with pictures...

  5. remember i posted about that awhile ago? the "black" father looks more like a Habib than a Tyrone and the other "white" family looks like some kinda albino confusion.

    so far i've heard it's party reinforcing stereotypes with the occasional revelation such as the "white" father bartending and a white patron talks to him about the neighborhood being so nice because there's no blacks or hispanics.

  6. Anonymous3/16/2006

    They actually have a myspace page:

    I've seen the show, and I think it's a tad redundant. It's really reinforcing a bunch of stereotypes. It's hard to explain racism to people who aren't on the receiving end. And the American way is really to always blame the individual who is complaining, so the white family is just convinced black people imagine racism. The thing that I find most interesting about the show, however, is how uncomfortable the white family is when they say "black people." They always tip toe around "black." But, someway, somehow...they are more than comfortable saying Nigger and bitch...and actually look forward to the experience of being called one.

    I thought the best moment was in the first episode when the white family was trying to give the black family tips on how to be white. The black family was just like: well, you know, we have to deal with ya'll EVERYDAY. It's not an option for us. We know how you are.

    Anyway, if you missed the last should try to download it somewhere.

    Ice Cube is a producer...
    I try to support black shows that aren't on BET.
    Just a personal preference.


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