Thursday, March 23, 2006

Educated Rap: LifeCycle (audio)

When in doubt for content, TAN can always dig into the old music catalog. It's getting more and more difficult to post older stuff, and not feel self-conscious about my not currently making any new music *sigh* ... but we make do with what we have...

My demo CD is called Theater of the Assimilated Negro. And the concept behind it was to sort of canonize the hip hop song archetypes, while also [demo]nstrating the range of my own particular hip hop talents. So I had the classic golden-era mid 90s song (Three Minutes), I had the club song (Phone Sex), the educated rap/message song (LifeCycle) ... and some others. You can find the full assortment on the Theater blog.

So below you have the "Educated Rap" interlude. Followed by the song "LifeCycle." The verbose intro to the song explains the intent:
Hello, we’re happy you you could join us at the school for the future. What’s going to be discussed today is on the subject of LifeCycles; those spheres of routine and circles of habit that make up our world as much as matter, thought, or energy.

We have two demonstrators today. One will put a particular lifecycle under the microscope. The other will look at lifecycles in general. Lifecycles exist everywhere, from the junkie on the street, to the pop rap star doing the same thing over and over and over ….

I had two people read it, overlapping, to play off the "cycle of repetition" theme. And to slightly rephrase the above, it's basically about how we all have these cycles we fall into that repeat themselves. Junkies using drugs, pop stars using song formulas, girls falling for detached assholes, guys falling for whores etc. etc ... you know the stories I'm sure. We all have our weaknesses, and we do it again, and again, and again ...

The interlude explains the "educated rap/message song" archetype in general. It runs about a minute. That's the first thing.

Then the song. I may post the lyrics later. I have to dig them out and find them. First emcee is Mister Wizard. Second is yours truly.

educated rap interlude:



  1. Anonymous3/23/2006

    I love you TAN. really I do. I have ap roblem, you may have to stop blogging. please e-mail me asap.

  2. Anonymous3/23/2006

    solid work TAN. the repetition concept is interesting. i hope you start churning out new stuff soon

  3. Anonymous3/24/2006

    hey this is surprisingly good...

    i may have to shout you out over at ohword.

  4. Anonymous3/26/2006

    nice song TAN. i like the interlude also. hot like fire.

    your voice is distinctive.

  5. TAN - your voice sounds hot - so low and for serious! "Do the same shit again" - it really resonates. Choice!

    Your battle whore,


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