Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Men Monkeys Like Looking At A Nice Ass

The perceived gap between men and monkeys continues to close, as scientists learn that monkeys will pay to look at pictures of a nice female monkey's ass.

Next, the researchers took photographs of the macaques and loaded them into a computer program. Some females were photographed from behind, so that the image showed a close-up of their hindquarters. Other pictures were head shots of both males and females.

Four of the male monkeys then sat in front of computer screens. They were rewarded with juice whenever they shifted their gaze from one image to another. Some images resulted in more juice than other photos.

The findings are published in this week's issue of Current Biology.

When given the choice between a photo of a low-status male with a high juice reward and a photo of a female's hindquarters, the male test subjects refused the extra juice so that they could gaze at the sexy female images. They also "paid" with juice to see photos of high-status males.

So there you go ladies, we can't help it, it's programmed into our biology. Maybe with this in mind you'll give the monkey on your arm a little slack when his head turns a little too quickly.

They should also test if the monkeys prefer the ass uncovered, or in a nice pair of Seven jeans.

Who Needs Juice When You Got All This Juicy Ass To Look At [Discovery Channel]


  1. But I'm a female chimp who likes to look at male chimp's butts. Do I OWE juice or do I get juice?

  2. hehehe. was there ever any doubt?

    now the question is whether guys have a preference for apple booties or flat azzes.

  3. I knew it, now my ass staring is validated. It's part of my genetic code. Let the monkey love commence!

    Guys, when it comes down to it, will look at any ass, just as long as it twitches.

  4. The key point here is that the monkey guys were also willing to "pay" to look at high-status men. Does this account for the ratings for Donald Trump's "Apprentice" show?

  5. Anonymous3/14/2006

    This picture is very unflattering. I would pay lots of juice for this monkey to wear pants.

  6. So is there any research suggesting that male monkeys like to watch two female monkeys make out? Cause that would really get me outta a jam.

  7. As if there were any doubt...hahaha!

  8. With this post, TAN, you have officially become my hero for the week, maybe even the month. I'm definitely incorporating the phrase "paying with juice" into my vocabulary. And why did I not read or comment on this post sooner, you ask? Well, when you're blogging surreptitiously from work....


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