Wednesday, March 22, 2006

TAN Droppings

Creative people usually have a note pad for jotting down ideas that hit them.

In addition to my notepad, I usually keep a doc on the desktop for putting quick ideas and other notable items down when using the computer. Since I'm a little backed up, I'm going to be lazy and just paste an assortment of items from a doc I just looked at for ideas. Some of them are a bit nonsensical without context.

  • I just happened to flip on dr. 90210, and the scene was a husband and wife goin into have the wife examined. And the husband basically has to watch the dr. molest his wife. Fondle her breasts like he never could. Give her that satisfaction she so desires. Need husband's inner monologue. -- Oh, another employee just came in for a demonstration, he gets to molest the wife as well.
  • We Are The World generated 7.5 million dollars. The average house in NYC now costs one million.
  • Flyswatters are an incredibly underrated invention …
  • The most important part of a job to is the money to creativity ratio - $/C.
  • Why are they called boyshorts?? Do boys wear them? (I hope not)
  • Fine schooling is like fine dining.
  • Bulldogs don’t run, they jiggle and propel themselves.
  • Friend of friend dynamics...
  • Is Brad Pitt god? Seriously ...?!!? (stevie wonder vs. brad pitt)
  • Online advertising is getting out of hand. So many of these sites cover every square pixel with ads. You have to work find that little patch of space that won’t bring up twenty popup ads. You need a steady mouse-hand these days. Can't be nervous. Imagine everything on this page is a click-through to an ad, and the period at the end of this sentence is what you have to click on to advance to the next page of content.
  • Law-yer …
  • Models are people who can’t look ugly. good point of distinction. A lot of attractive people can look bad if you catch them at the wrong time. Not models. No matter how hard you try, they can't look ugly. That is what makes them models. -- the correlary to this is that it seems like it's the job for a lot of fashion designers, especially when they're getting "artistic", to try and make models seem ugly. But because of models they fail, and thus ... fashion.
  • The world’s most disgusting man …?
  • Ebony Magazine was once known as Negro Digest (yes!)
  • Is there anything purer than the sight of dogs at play …
  • Whisper ads, perfume. Who in the world had the epiphany that perfume should be marketed through whispering? No other product relies so heavily on the whisper. Whenever people start whispering I think they're trying to sell me some modern day troubadour's fragrance.
  • You can use any line for going out and getting fcuked up. Sloshed. Bananas. Aardvarked. Hmmm maybe not ...
Don't steal my bulldog revelation, or the "law-yer" thing. I know you're eyeing it.


  1. Anonymous3/22/2006

    Models can't be ugly? You must have not ever been to Ugly dot org

    And I thought my thoughts were random!

  2. I concur, flyswatters are truly underrated and unappreciated UNTIL you need one!

    Stevie vs Brad? Pfffft. Brads come and go, there is only one Stevie. Actually, I think Stevie might be god...

  3. TAN, please change the name of your blog to The Assimilated Negro Digest. Then, you'd be god and Stevie would just be a satellite of your magnificence.

  4. I was eyeing "aardvarked" actually. Or, what do you think: I'm going out and getting "hamster-faced" tonight?

  5. Snotsticles (TM) clearly fastracked right through the quick-idea doc.

    Still thinking about the most disgusting man.

  6. Anonymous3/22/2006

    "You can use any line for going out and getting fcuked up. Sloshed. Bananas. Aardvarked. Hmmm maybe not ... "

    I'm a big fan of the word schknockerred.

  7. Anonymous3/22/2006

    Why can't Billy Mays of OxiClean fame adopt "whisper marketing"??

  8. "You can use any line for going out and getting fcuked up. Sloshed. Bananas. Aardvarked. Hmmm maybe not ... "

    -- i hope that wasn't referencing me, TAN. I'm pretty sure I just said I was drunk...I'm a fan of "intoxicated", sounds so serious, like you've got a mission.

  9. "Aardvarked". Heh. With the right tone, any line can also be used as for getting it on: Ex. "Man, last night me and the missus were raaaaaking the leeeaves."

  10. I was actually eyeing your boy's shorts

  11. Anonymous3/23/2006

    You have a comedian's sense of timing and fluid writing style...I like it and will be reading more here.

  12. "Bulldogs don’t run, they jiggle and propel themselves."

    I have no clue why, but I found myself laughing at this. Hah.

    I'll definitely be back here.

  13. Sorry - I'm stealing "ardvarked" for use in my condemnations of underage student drinking - I'll give you credit, but I am so gonna tell them that if I catch them getting ardvarked, I'll make sure they never get to raaaake the leeeaves. Follow-through on that threat? Not sure - but I'm guessing they'll be so scared by my new use of words, I won't have to back it up.


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