Sunday, July 22, 2007

Amiri Needs To Write A Poem About Beer

Two pics in Sundays with Amiri, and thus far he stays having some brew on hand.

I love the idea that Amiri gets drunk at parties and just starts randomly blessing people.

Who son?!!? WHOOooooooooo?!!??!?!

Here's a practical joke for black people everywhere: First, memorize the poem "Sombody Blew Up America" (it's about nine minutes or so, but don't worry the egregious length will only add to the hilarity!). Now just wait until some of your caucasian peeps throw you a birthday party or something (don't fret, they'll get to it eventually). Then get ridiculously drunk and when the crowd goes, "Speech! Speech! Speech!" you grab the microphone and perform this:

Hilarious! It's like Punk'd, but better! It's Blunk'd! Holla! Make sure you don't skip any questions. Each one is critical to the cumulative effect.

Anywho, between "Who?" and "Why?" black people are well prepared for any impromptu street interviewing.


  1. This is an awesome suggestion. Thanks for reminding me, man. Peace ...

  2. What do you think the logical conclusion of the "bl" phenomenon is? Bliggers? Black wiggers?

  3. Blah Blah Blah7/23/2007 have something to say...and so will they...
    Hmmm, you like it...I guess I'm going to have to love it...either that or not come over any more...

    Amiri Barak is Truth. Maybe a rambling truth but truth all the same.


  4. Anonymous7/23/2007

    Wow, Amiri Baraka came to my University back in the day, and while I thoroughly enjoyed his reading, being a Russian girl from the USSR, I actually managed to chase him out of a party that we had both attended afterwards by incessentaly asking him why he didn't understand that communism is retarded. He called me a stupid little girl that doesn't know anything, and upon finding out that I lived through "motherfucking" (that was my description) communism in the USSR, referred to THAT as "Stalinism" and concluded that I don't know anything about actual communism. He then refused to stay at the party because I was there, and went somewhere else. I concluded that he's kind of an idiot at least in that respect. Whatever.

  5. Mark - if not bliggers, then certainly another term found in this thread.

  6. Amiri was a cohort/counterpart of Poppy's "back in the day" but my personal opinion is that unlike Poppy who still lives in "the real"(mainly cuz nobody knows who the hell he is anymore *at all*), Amiri believes his own hype. He kinda pissed me off the 9/11 poem, but I'm not that worldy, so what the hell do I know...

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