Friday, July 20, 2007

Finding Forever Leakage

Common's new album "Finding Forever" drops at the end of this month. But it hit the internet streets sometime around, uh, yesterday.

Peep the leakage. But make sure to support when the time comes, yo!

Ridiculous cover notwithstanding, I think I like this album more than Be. And I'm really feeling the Lilly Allen joint.


  1. F*ck that artsy, fartsy nigga! Like water for chocolate? Like water for bread, nigga!

    "Finding forever!"

    That's the eptiome of obnoxiousness, expecting people to go with you on your voyage through old age.

    This is Common Sense, when he was hot:

    Holla Hipsters! Word!

  2. Jammy you make decent folks ashamed to be white just by being of the same race as you! harvard did a study on racismand you will be interested to know that prejudice is directly proportionate to one's I.Q and education, or lack thereof.
    You prove the point perfectly.
    P. S Man, you need cosmetic surgery leather face.( as we are epxressing our uncensored views so bluntly)

  3. Tan you should NOT have to put up wiht this. Too bad that your word verification couldn't squirt out a bit of anthrax where appropriate.

  4. I'm completely ignoring the link because I want to be surprised as hell.

  5. Blah Blah Blah7/23/2007

    You just put that link so we could watch the two girls kissing on the side....
    Oh, you didn't see it? Just me? Well, I wasn't really watching them kiss........sorta.

    Common could get it!
    Tomorrow...Today....right here on my desk in front of the CEO & Chairman. Anywhere Anytime...Common could get it.


  6. Better than BE? That's a strong statement.

    I've heard two songs off of the album, though, and they're both hot. So maybe my high hopes are justified...

  7. Finding Forever is a dedication to J Dilla. Common said he hopes Jay found forever when he died.

  8. Jammy you make decent folks ashamed to be white just by being of the same race as you!

    I'm Puerto Rican. Douchebag. Save your white guilt for someplace else.

    And if you think "Soul By The Pound" isn't some of the most amazing stuff you've ever heard, then your are truly stuck in your whiteness.


  9. I have been rocking to this for a bit now & it is hot. I plan on getting a real copy next week so this brotha can keep his art going.


  10. legallee7/27/2007

    Jammq has a good point, although I have not heard Finding Forever, I will cop it. Could not find the link to the leak. Soul By the Pound was long my fav Common joint until I Used to Love Her, which is comfortably in my top 20. I would say Common's Top 5 flows: 1) Used to Love Her, 2) Sould by Lb., 3) The Corner, 4) The Bitch in You (amazing flow/lyrics, although he No Vaselined one of my fav emcees; w/Cube's weak white flag response on West Side Connect), 5) The Sun God (Hi Tek)


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