Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rough Draft: First Responders (audio)

I did a song for my TAN-on-the-street video series on Gawker "First Responders." We should hopefully be doing a vid for it also, with some outtakes from prior shoots. But Blakeley drunkenly told me recently that he thought "it gets angry pretty quickly," and I was surprised at the word choice. Is this angry? It might be a little self-indulgent (and self-indulgence is so not hot right now). And maybe it's just poop. But angry poop? I call out the crackas a couple times, but come on, can I get some freedom of speech up in here.

Here's the version I recorded a month or two ago.

MP3 File

it's first responders
we tried to warn ya
crosby street ain't sweet
we run up on ya
beware the dynam duo
on the corner
richard on the cam
tan hit em like ammonia

whether nappy hoe
or silky-haired cracka
here to let you know
this the show that needs backers
for better or worse
we comb heaven and earth
or get the strangers out on crosby
that respond to us first
cursed, house negro
son they lettin' me out
always get that hot footage
blakeley edits it out
still nice w/ the words
seen the ghetto pass served
while i hit the streets for these crackas who don't have the nerve
so observe me change mediums
like the girl in Medium
open to all types but don't be bigger than a medium
oh, and also don't come at me with the tedium
i think that's why i drink
and stay higher than some helium
but really, um
this one in a mill-y-un blogger
can get your new media hotter
than christina milian
so come along,
as we get our silly on
first the calm
then First Responders respond
let's get it on

First Responders [Gawker]


  1. never listen to a drunken blakeley. i realize that this means not listening to most of what he says because, well, he's drunk most of the time, but it is a creed to be followed!

  2. so observe me change mediums
    like the girl in Medium
    open to all types but don't be bigger
    than a medium

    I like that. and doesn't sound angry to me.

    I also like the show Medium. Patricia Arquette is a very underrated actress.

  3. Psht, your song reminded me of my Uncle at a wedding last year. He got up to sing for karyoke, and just tried to rap some stuff. But you guys probuably didn't have a really bad hangover the next day...

  4. Anonymous7/19/2007

    where's Crosby street? Let me know, as I don't want to go there and get hit with ammonia. Or anything else.

  5. TAN, you are invincible.


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