Thursday, July 19, 2007

Maybe Now Lucy Liu Will Love Me, Part II

A couple days ago I discovered Secret Asian Man.

Turns out Asian bloggers have a theme going on, because there's also: Angry Asian Man.

He informs me that the Asian American International Film Festival kicks off tonight (Lucy, call me!). AAM is also in town for a panel on Monday.

From Angry Asian Man's About page:

That's the way I usually approached most issues of Asian American pride. Facetiously. Mostly by becoming Angry Asian Man....

And the racism! Man, was everything just RACIST. I threw the word around left and right. Angry Asian Man had developed the special gift of hypersensitivity towards Racism and could detect it anywhere and everywhere. I took the liberty of calling attention to the surrounding Racism for all to see! The picture of the Asian in this magazine ad? Racist. The word 'Chinese' on page 862 in Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov? Racist. The yellow traffic signal light? Racist. It was all Racism with a capital 'R'. The rest of the world was unaware, but Angry Asian Man had been given the power to see!

Angry Asian Man

(via Racialicious)


  1. You're right, we Asians do appear to have a theme going: my blog is called Zuky which means "punch or hand strike". Damn what's up with us?!

  2. hi there1 i believe to b a better person u have to break out of this asian/black syndrome .We should maintain our dignity and self esteem.Remember beieve in god because he believe in u. See this

  3. Anonymous7/20/2007

    Wonder if Asian celebs and politicians will abandoned asians like blacks did those black attacked by Abbie Michael Richards?

    Assim Negro? Will you ever comment on this?

    "When I wake up tomorrow I will still be rich, when you wake up you will still be a Nigger."

  4. Anonymous7/20/2007


  5. Anonymous12/23/2007

    fck fck fck y'all!

  6. Anonymous12/23/2007

    fck y'al!


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