Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yeah, But How Come They Never Shoot Off Any Black Fireworks?

Every year I go check out the fireworks on July 4th, and every year I'm reminded of how far my people have to go. In this country we will never truly be "independent" until black people can look up and see fireworks that represent them hidden against the nighttime sky.

Rainy 4th of July [Newsday]


  1. Anonymous7/05/2007

    uh, because black fireworks won't show up against the dark sky? Besides, isn't black the absence of light? Oh, woes, the significance of that...

  2. Anonymous7/05/2007

    I set off black fireworks most nights. Did you miss them?

  3. Anonymous7/05/2007

    if you want fireworks negroes must work to pay for them but work is a dirty word to negroes therefor no fireworks.

  4. Anonymous7/05/2007

    We are the infinite night, nucka! There are no fireworks without us!

  5. Anonymous7/05/2007

    Reverse discrimmination omments and attitudes like yours set your people back 100's of years. I feel sorry for you and others like you that refuse to get over the past and realize that people living today did not participate in slavery. There's nothing we can do to ever "repay" you for all of the atrocities (spelling?) that happened during slavery. So get over it. Act respectable and keep your large "backs" covered.

  6. Damn. Motherfuckers need to settle down in here. Do you think it'll help if I throw down an obligatory "kill whitey" for everyone?

  7. anonymous people sure do have balls saying what they're saying. wonder why they're posting anonymously?

    i however, have no comment on this post.

  8. Who IS that Anonymous coward who not only can't spell, but is too dumb to use spellcheck, beeatch! Or download and use Firefox instead of Explorer... it has built-in spellcheck! Then you can at least look intelligent while you blather on.

    You hate black people! We get it!

  9. Okay, another whitey on the scene.........and I am practically an abino( but I have inner blackness).
    Anon- you are filthy redneck who clearly needs to come out of the bush, get that racoon out of your ass and realize that you clearly know nothing about the history of slavery ( or anything,really)or that we have not come that far which is a crime against humanity which covers everyone- even you!
    Now go wash your sheets mofo, we can still see the pee stains........and don't poke your eye out on the pointy hat,numbskull!!!
    I vote KILL WHITEY!!! ( The other one).

  10. Crackers Anyone?

    (Thats tongue in cheek!!!!)

    Damn The Man!!!!!!!

  11. Is this guy for real? Damn always something to bitch about.. Sad.. yes your people haven't move any further still blaming others and bitching how the white man keeps you down.. ever think, 'hey maybe I need to go and work hard.. to get what I want.. like everyone else.. nah.. i'll just sit here and wait for black fireworks.. sad.. Happy 4th.. dumb ass.


  12. Julie Post7/06/2007

    Anon - Worst attempt at hate speech I've ever seen. You lose points right off the bat for not posting a name. You call black people lazy, but you couldn't rub two brain cells together to identify yourself? I won't even go into the need for spellcheck. Worst of all, was the "get over it" argument. I'll "get over" slavery the day white people like you "get over" the fact that the South lost the Civil War. Take down the Confederate flag and quit singing Dixie.

  13. blog Portland ! You just made my night. That was funny ! Just like this whole thread. Anon needs to relax. I believe the quote most appropos (sp?) is:
    "More dire need of a blow job than any white man in history."

  14. Anonymous posting makes the internets go round. But to the topic, black fireworks would probably be deemed illegal anyway, with great excuses like "fire hazard," "unsafe," and "ruins theaters". I keed.

  15. truthstings7/06/2007

    i have an about you "negros" stop being so damn simple minded and consider the fact that "your people" have come a very long way and are equals now. stop living in the past. any one in this country can do whatever they want *(unless they're white and get screwed out of college/a job because of reverse discrimination now being caused by affirmative action, which has overaccomplished its purpose) and become whoever they want to's just a matter of who wants to take advantage of the world in front of just so happens that "your people" are the laziest out of everyone and would prefer to blame everyone else for your problems....and dont "hate on me" for saying that because two highly intelligent people have said that before (Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby...oh wait, i forgot..their apprently Uncle Toms)

    And as for the confederate flag comment...if you do your research the confederate flag is not a symbol of slavery...its a symbol of some of the bravest men ever to serve, as they were fighting not to simply keep slavery, but to protect their states. the confederate flag is a symbol of unity, it's just misinterpreted and misdisplayed by a minority of white people who are also lacking a few brain cells.

    Now GET OVER IT!! slavery in NO way has effected your life. and why should it matter if someone wants to leave an anonymous post? do you want their name so u can track them down?

  16. "Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby...oh wait, i forgot..THEIR apprently Uncle Toms"

    But it's black folks who are responsible for such intelligent and upstanding citizens such as yourself being "screwed out of college/a job". Not your blatant disregard for the difference between 'their' and 'they are'. Idiot.

    And even if people completely forgot about slavery, there's still Jim Crow and it's impact on America, which only ended about forty years ago. Whoever you are, that's within your parents lifetime. But that doesn't affect us at all? Idiot.

    And black people would be more engaging and permissive in discussions about affirmative action if enlightened individuals such as yourself would acknowledge the similar impact that legacy has had. Its basically affirmative action for white males and there are no quotas to limit it either. George Bush anyone? Idiot.

    TAN's post was supposed to be sarcastic. And it was funny until people like you came in here and ruined it. Idiots.

    But you did use something other than an anonymous name, so you would get credit for that if A:It werent so pathetically ironic & B:You ever planned on using it again.


  17. Anonymous7/08/2007

    well this IS his BLOG and so if he wanted to write that shit because that's the way he FEELS so BE IT

    he did not make this blog to write what u wanna READ!!!

    dont read it then!


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