Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jackin' For Content

A reader sent this spotting a while ago, and I forgot to post it. It appears CBS Sportsline and Mike Freeman really enjoyed my Negro Bowl idea and decided to use it for themselves.

At first I thought it was just a quick reference, and I didn't think anything of it. But then I saw my boy Mike really feeling himself on it:
This week's edition of MMM revolves around the word "negro." It got you folks all riled up. I called the Super Bowl featuring two black coaches "The Negro Bowl." Lots of letters. Lots and lots of letters to MMM.
The word "negro" gets folks riled up? OH SNAP! I might have to use it sometime. Oh, and "The Negro Bowl" coinage ... so inspired.
"If a white reporter wrote this article, you would be screaming that he was a racist," wrote a reader. "I guess it is supposed to be acceptable since you are a black man."

It is acceptable because MMM is funny with a dash of brilliance.
I totally agree, a white guy might have trouble writing about "Negro Bowl." But can't TAN be funny with a dash of brilliance also? Plus I easily have the better of the three-letter all-caps acronyms.
"Mike, I'm a humor columnist for the daily in Syracuse," wrote one absolute genius. "Just had to say I laughed out loud at your Negro Bowl line. I might have to use it in my Friday column and if I do I will credit you. Funny stuff."
HAHAHAHAHA, so funny! I just got it!!! Negro Bowl is friggin' HILARIOUS. What a "line." But what I really like is how this guy notes that he will credit Mike. What a novel idea. But I guess CBS and Mike don't agree, since TAN couldn't get a shout.

I mean it's not like I had three segments done, with video in the can, before they could say,
Since the matchup first became reality, I have been calling this The Negro Bowl. It's a joke, people. Lighten up.
(Ha! I keep forgetting that it's a joke. So funny.)

And it's not like if you put "Negro Bowl" in Google you get hit over the head with

TAN & Deadspin got this covered, thanks.

Oh wait! It is like that.

It's all good though, I believe in the communal reservoir of ideas, and honestly, I've been dying for someone to jack some of my stuff. It's sort of an internet write-of-passage. Plus, I'm the last person to try and hate on a brother trying to use the word "negro" to his advantage. Spread the negro-love baby.

And really, compared to my five-part package, it's kind of like when Jay-Z said, "you made it a hot line, I made it a hot song..."

Except, I made it a hot line also.

The OFFICIAL coverage of Negro Bowl I [Deadspin]
CBS Sportsline Bootleg Edition [CBS Sportsline]


  1. Your negro bowl idea was almost as good as CBS's superbowl glog. Almost.

  2. Anonymous2/22/2007


    you negroes are so touchy about white folk stealing your shit. first you change "I'm in the house" to "in the hizzouse." Hizzouse became hizzizzouse, and then you changed that to "in the hizzie", then then you changed that "in the hizzle" which changed to "hizzle fo shizzle," and now, because we white people say "hizzle fo shizzle," you changed THAT to "flippity floppity floop."

    can't you just let us white folk steal your shit without always being so touchy??????

  3. Is it wrong of me to think you're mad because it wasn't even one of your better ideas? :-p

  4. Anonymous2/22/2007

    Hello, Mike Freeman here. Feel free to keep bashing me in a moment but just wanted to say family members of mine first used the Negro Bowl in reference to Doug Williams in the Super Bowl (I grew up in the DC area and was once a Redskins fan). Never put it on a patent or anything and never thought I would be accused of stealing a phrase family members and I have been using for several decades. Oh well. You can call me the defensive Negro. Just do not call me The Negro Columnist. Thanks. Oh, and stop picking on our Glogs! They're awesome.

  5. Sir,

    No blogger uses the word "Negro" more than we do. You ALL stole from us!

  6. Hi Mike. thanks for checking in. I so love the imagery of a black family sitting around the dinner table talking about "pass the negro bowl" that all is definitively forgiven.

    nation of islam - what?? are you crazy? there's no way. don't you know I invented the word negro. In fact, I invented black people.

    your welcome.

  7. Anonymous2/22/2007

    Thanks T.A. Since you are now claiming all that is in your field of vision I will check with you if I use the following words: sky, television, carpet, blue, heat, dog and cat. There may be a few million more. All in fun. Take care.
    --Mike Freeman

  8. Me thinks Mike Freeman thinks that if he starts a flame war up in here, he'll get some TAN readers to check out his column. It won't work. We recognize blatant comment whoring when we read it.


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