Monday, October 17, 2005

VOTE OR DIE!! - The Sequel

Many have peeped the blogger jam - "Gawk At This" by yours truly.

But not nearly as many have heard the song I did for

One of the cofounders of Dodgeball was a friend of mine in college, and shortly before they were picked up by Google, I did a song for them. After the Google announcement, I added a second verse.

So today the Young Manhattanite Andrew Krucoff has thrown down the gauntlet and asked the people to decide who truly has the Blogger Jam for '05.

So since we botched it with the president, you should head over there, check the tunes, and then Vote Or Die!!

The winner gets to shoot The Assimilated Negro eight times to help him prepare for his new movie, "Get Assimilated, Or Die Tryin'"


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