Friday, October 14, 2005

Experience The Theater of the Assimilated Negro

Anyone who may just be joining us via the blurb in The Village Voice - Best of NY, I have created a separate area for you (and anyone else) to experience the Theater of the Assimilated Negro in peace, without having to hear about ish like guinea pigs dying, apples & oranges, and rappers killing themselves.

Thank god!! Say no more. Please. Just take me to the most creative hip hop demo ever assembled ASAP.

To the two of you still reading, rest assured I'll continue to post audio here at The Assimilated Negro as well.

Here where the serenades of pretty girls who can boost your traffic, and Eminem parodies flow like wine.

Here where even the negroes know your name.



  1. oh, gee---can I say I "linked" you before you were all huge and "gassed up"?

  2. Where's my Moet??

    'Course I likes me tha sexy songs, TAN-man.

  3. Jack - you definitely can. but will you still link me when I'm big and gassy?

    mona - thanks ...I'll try and keep the mo flowin'


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